Shadowhunter Family Crest

The Shadowhunter Family

Creator: DarrkestDrow

Members: 44

A reclusive and shy band of Hellhounds, the Shadowhunter pack has exhibited an exceptional level of control and restraint over their hellfire. They've taken to snuffing their flames and emitting a thick smoke that cloaks them in darkness and shadow when hunting. They favor ambushing their prey while hunting or defending their territory, their tactics seeming more akin to large hunting cats than a pack hunter's. They dwell in deep caves or dens near dormant volcanoes within their family territory. Even those few tamed by Magi will periodically return to their pack lands, especially during the cold months. They're a tightly knit pack and always seek to aid their kith and kin. A Magi lucky enough to find and tame a Shadowhunter Hellhound becomes an extension of the pack in their beast's eyes. Such Magi will have a loyal companion for life and a deadly ally in battle. Ever watching from the shadows, a Magi might not always see their Shadowhunter companion, but it is always there.


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