Unknown Fates Family Crest

The Unknown Fates Family

Creator: Eirene

Members: 61

Dalia and Terenti were my first pair of Crystalwings to breed, and right off the bat, they decided to make a family. Taking the family name from Terenti, whose name's meaning is unknown, they went with the Unknown Fates. They are my largest family as well, having 45 members now. Their first son lives in my keep with his mate, Eva, and he is more prolific than his parents.

Family Rules -
1. No Freezing!
2. No inbreeding!
3. No releasing!
4. Naming is appreciated, but not necessary!
5. Breed your Unknown Fates to expand the family!

(Crest designed by my graphics designer friend, MasterAaran)


1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

6th Generation

7th Generation