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The seaQuest Family

Creator: Rhia
Owner: Rhia

Members: 8

"The twenty-first century. Mankind has colonized the last unexplored region on Earth...the ocean. As Captain of the seaQuest and its crew, we are its guardians. For beneath the surface...lies the future." (from the TV series "seaQuest DSV")

There are so many wonderful creatures living in the ocean. So let this be a big colorful family. :-)

- You can breed all colors / Seahorses.
- Please give your Family Member and its offspring appropriate names.
- Please don't sell your Seahorse and its offspring. Give it as a gift.
- If you don't want a member of this family anymore, gift it to someone else or send it back to me (Rhia).
Thank you. :-)

Family rules

No egg freezing
No releasing
No breeding with other lineages


1st Generation (4)

2nd Generation (2)