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The Starwing Family

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There were once two cats, who stared up at the stars, wanting to play with them, for they were sparkly, and bright, so surely they must be fun. One day, they found a gryphon who would allow them to ride... but he could not reach the stars. On the second day, they met a hippogryph, but he could not reach the stars either. On the third day, a puvia, the fourth day, a roc, and on the fifth day, a pegasus. All with the same results. They could not reach the stars. On the sixth, they begged the very sky to let them up, but their plea was not answered. They slept... on the seventh day, however, they awoke with wings, and were given the message that the stars were unreachable... But they were good and brave, so they sky had given them their own stars, in the form of wings.

Please don't freeze or abandon them.
If they aren't wanted, send them to Master Belmos or l337Lorelei.
I would like them to be named.
Please only breed White Winged Cats in.
Crest by Rosehill


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