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The Frostkin Family

Creator: Rematar

Members: 9

*This family was a gift to me from Rematar when they quit MS. Their offspring are treasure to me, so treat them well.


There was a magi. They were well-known and kind. Then, in an outside world (a.k.a Real Life), they got busy and had to leave Magistream. To a good friend, they gave this family in hopes that they would be well cared for. And they will be.

Rules: (Please Read! Because these were a gift to me from an old friend that left, I am keeping their rules.)

1. Names must have something to do with Winter; ex: Snow, Frost, Ice, Winter, Skating, Falling Leaves, Frostbite, etc.

2. No selling, breeding with other families, OR trading.

3. Be SURE not to inbreed!!!


1st Generation

2nd Generation