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The Shadow Hunters Family

Creator: Silvereil

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When Direwolves ruled the plains, there were two rival packs. One was the Shadow pack and the other was the Hunters pack. The two packs always fought with each other. One day, the alpha the Shadow pack had pups. Little did they know, the Hunters pack did as well. One of the pups of the Shadow pack was named Thylon and the one from the Hunters pack, Thyla. As they grew, each pup was told and taught to hate the other pack. When the time came for them to set off on their own, they did. Thyla and Thylon met. They found out that each other came from the rival birthpack, but that didn't matter to them. They fell in love, united the packs, and created a new pack that they named for their birthpacks; the Shadow Hunters.

Rules: (Please Read)

~ Please keep this a lineage of Direwolves
~ If not wanted, then please do anything BUT release them.
~ Please try and expand this as much as possible
~ Enjoy your wolf!


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