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The Asgardsreia Family

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Åsgårdsreia is similar to the Wild Hunt. It is Norwegian and literally means "Ride of Asgard".
In Norse religion, Ásgarðr ("Enclosure of the Æsir") is the residence of the Æsir (Norse Gods).

The accidentally released egg in the 2nd Gen is a first herald of Ragnarök ("The Doom of the Gods").
DON'T let these bad omens become more!!!

Please follow a few simple rules:
* NO inbreeding!
* NO frozen eggs/hatchlings!
* Breed your Cervinus Deer and its offspring only with streamborn Cervinus Deers (Brown) or 1st Gen Cervinus Deers (Black & White).
* Don't breed your Cervinus Deer and its offspring with other lineages!
* Don't release your Cervinus Deer and its offspring! If you don't want them any more, please send them back to me.
* Give your Cervinus Deer and its offspring appropriate, Norse, sinister and mysterious names. Be creative.
* Make sure that whoever you GIFT the offspring of your Cervinus Deer will adhere to these rules too!


1st Generation

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