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Welcome to my Leviathan lineage! I just had to breed these creatures because I think they are beautiful. I hope you do too.

Lineage Rules:
-Breed in any colour you wish, the more the merrier.
-You may breed with other lineages, but only if the other lineage allows.
-Please don't sell the animal I give you. If you don't want it any longer, please give it back or gift it to someone else.
-If you breed your animal, please name it, either before or soon after (this makes tracing descendants easier). Otherwise, it's up to you if you name it or not. Please don't duplicate names.
-Please make sure names are words and pronounceable, rather than random letters. Foreign words/names and amalgamations and multiple words are great (especially the foreign words/names part - I love languages). Silly names are great, but please nothing derogatory.


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