Assassin Dragon Family Crest

The Assassin Dragon Family

Creator: DarrkestDrow

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"The only known power amphistas possess is a black one. One amphistas head spits the most deadly venom that burns through most anything, be it flesh or stone. The other head produces a strange poison, that appears to be nothing more than water, but is incredibly deadly. This poison is undetectable in food or drink. The only cure for it is diluted venom from the amphista's twin head. As one can imagine, these beasts were once the favorite companions of dark magi, and to this day are still often found in the company of less savory sorcerers. It is only their lack of mobility that has stopped them from becoming powerful adversaries in war. The commoners have named these creatures assassin dragons, for good reason."

-From Damien's Amphista description

Name your Assassin Dragon after implements of assassination, types of assassins, or something appropriate to the lineage.

DON'T freeze, release, use for quests, or breed with other lineages
PLEASE name & breed at least once


1st Generation

2nd Generation