Sinners and Saints Family Crest

The Sinners and Saints Family

Creator: DarrkestDrow

Members: 12

More info to come (as well as a family crest when I get time), but for now I'll just list the rules.

* Please try to name your creature after something "sinful/evil" or something "saintly/good".
((Noctis = Sinful, Niveus = Saintly, Tevera = Wild Card (Neutral, Sinful, or Saintly names are acceptable for Tevera.))
* Do not use lineage offspring for quests.
* Do NOT freeze eggs. You may freeze hatchlings, but please keep it at a reasonable number.
* Do not release creatures from this lineage please.
* Please do not breed with other lineages.
* Breeding is strongly encouraged, but only if you can follow the rules.


1st Generation

2nd Generation