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A guard

PostPosted: January 13th, 2018, 10:59:46 pm
by ColorsOfKiki
Kylar walked down the hill in Beorg the trees casting extra shadows across the ground the stud was in a rather good mood as he trotted into a forest now going through extra extra dark shadows cast across the blue roan blanket Appaloosa stallions back. His piercing attached to his sheath with a metal chain around his neck. It wasn't as much pain as it was pleasure something he loved equally.
The forest grew darker as the sun went down and was setting. It would be dark soon so the stud knew he had to find a place to sleep for a bit knowing it would be worse to end up staying awake all day and night.
He had to stand guard for his clan, his duty was to stand guard at all time so he would have to sleep soon his shift started at dawn. As he laid down to sleep the appy stud caught scent of two horses, both seeming to be male. Sighing he got up and began following it. His clans leader asking him to check it out, like the good guy he was he stupidly agreed.
Sighing he began walking back toward the scent his ears perked forward as he saw two studs grazing together. One was a Bay Pangare Blanket Appaloosa the other standing like a mare looked like a Bay Varnish Appaloosa Overo. Both just as handsome as the next.
Upon seeing him coming their way they stopped talking and began walking his way. "Oh hello there, I'm Kareem, this is Samuelson." The mare looking one said. Kylar dipped his head politely, looking over the two new faces a slight smile on his lips. "I'm Kylar, nice to meet you both." He replied. The blue roan blanket Appaloosa noticed Samuelson looking at his piercing curiously and smirked but said nothing, he was going to make him be brave enough to ask.
"So what are you too up to on rover territory?" Kylar asked his tone light but demanding they answer his question. "Oh sorry, we didn't realize, we were just exploring, we bumped into each other on the way and decided to stick together. We will take our leave all we ask is if we can stay the night then cross over in the morning?" It was Samuelson who spoke both studs seemed nice enough so Kylar sighed. "If you stick with me I can show you around for a bit. Then maybe you both can join my herd if you choose it." He offered. Both stallions looked at each other then shrugged looking back at him. "Yes please show us around, then when it's done we'll tell you our choices." Kareem said for the both of them.
After that all three studs laid down the two close together for warmth, Kylar lid a few feet away so he could keep a better eye on them. He may be nice bit he wasn't stupid he knew how well some horses could act, after all when the king of his old homeland came around he parents pretended to care about him and they did it perfectly the king never knew the truth, he still didn't know because as soon as Kylar turned two he ran for it.
Kylar had woke up long before the two studs and had talked to Ryder so he was excused until the intruders were gone. Now the Appaloosa stud stood nearby waiting for the pair to wake up so they could do their exploring and leave or join his herd. Which ever one they chose. He hoped for the latter sense he didn't currently have any herd members soon that would change even if he had to keep trying.
The first to wake was the bay, he stretched as he got to his hooves. "Morning Kylar, how long have you been up?" He asked. Kylar looked at the stallion before shaking his mane out his chains chinking as he did. "Morning, Samuelson. Hours, I rise with the sun." He replied smiling in a friendly manner. Samuelson was busy watching his chain sway under his stomach. "May I ask why you have it?" Samuelson asked looking at Kylar's face. Kylar chuckled he knew eventually the stud would ask. His attention was caught by Kareem coming over to join them yawning.
"I got it as a foal my parents thought it was cool. Now I'm used to it." Kylar explained shrugging, of course he didn't tell them the whole story about how his parents did it to use it as a tool to yank him around by. Luckily the two studs let it go. "Where should we head?" Kareem asked looking at Samuelson before looking at Kylar questioningly. Samuelson looked at Kylar too for answers. "Let's head into the forest, I'm not sure what all there is to see I've only been in the herd for a few months so it'll be new for me too, you guys lead the way I'll take up the rear." Kylar said smiling at them.
They nodded and began walking towards the treeline Kylar right behind them, secretly checking out their backsides with a smirk on his lips. As the vented into the forest the sounds of birds chirping could be heard all around them it was a rather warm day and it instantly put the blue roan in a good mood.
As the walked around the hidden island there were many hills and rocky ledges to master and by the time they had ended up where they began the sun had dropped well below the horizon so each stallion laid down for yet another night then in the morning Kylar would be able to get their answers. He hoped they agreed to join him, he had gotten to know them quite a bit on the exploration, it was nice being around another pair of such nice horses sense the only horses around here were more on the aggressive side. Though none were evil they took care of each other and respected each other that was why Kylar loved it. He knew he belonged here, his love of pain and giving pain had him fitting in for the most part even if some thought he was too nice, he didn't care he would protect anyone with his life like how his parents should have protected him. He wouldn't let anyone feel what he had felt all his young life.

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PostPosted: January 13th, 2018, 11:10:01 pm
by ColorsOfKiki
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by ColorsOfKiki
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