Uluwuante's Peace

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Uluwuante's Peace

Postby morrisoni » November 14th, 2017, 12:05:00 pm

Many know the story behind the manticore. Many have also heard of the Voro Manticore, and reasonably assume they come from the same place. They are not entirely wrong. But they are not entirely right, either. It is with great effort, and some personal injury, that I have sought out the true origin of this species. To understand where the Voro Manticore began, we must go back in time. Far, far back.
This was after the original manticore had ended the war in the jungle, but the world was still new. The young seas, initially peaceful, were beginning to experience the same turmoil and strife that had plagued the jungles not long ago, with each species wanting to reign supreme. The great sea god, Uluwuante, wanted the same peace for his realm that the jungle had obtained. He decided to make a peacekeeper, just as the spirits of the forest had. Seeing how effective it was, he drew his inspiration from the manticore of the jungle, making a creature that for all the world looked like a lion with wings of water. Being based on creatures of land, it could not remain underwater indefinitely; but it could stay submerged long enough to quell any uprisings that could occur, and so it did. Just as the jungle's manticore brought sense, reason, and order to the jungle, so the Voro Manticore brought peace to the Oceans. The Voro Manticore was more reclusive than it's earth-bound counterpart, and to this day, very few are kept as companions, but they still rise up to keep peace in the seas.
Fairly new to this, but whatever. Thanks to everyone for the creatures and the warm welcome during the Halloween event!
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