Frozen Egg Giveaway (and more)

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Re: Frozen Egg Giveaway (and more)

Postby MysticDawn » January 14th, 2018, 4:24:05 am

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Re: Frozen Egg Giveaway (and more)

Postby Kastriia » January 14th, 2018, 2:48:10 pm

Hello :) I was wondering if its possible to request an assortment of 30 eggs - no preferences at all ^^ I am still a fairly new players and just starting to looks around at freezing things :)
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Re: Frozen Egg Giveaway (and more)

Postby bluegrass » January 14th, 2018, 3:14:01 pm

Hello ^^
May I ask for this one - creature/2757818?

and these eggs:
- Hollowjack
- Chocolate Xocomel
- Caramel Xocomel
- Aurora Arkai
- Felos
- Satura
- Red-Capped Quetzalcoatl
- Purple Pteira Crystalwing
- Golden Pteira Crystalwing
- Wikken Cat
- Varja Crystalwing
- Akvo Crystalwing
- Teiro Crystalwing
- Crystalcoatl
- Dusk Bunny
- Bell Squirrel
- Valembat
- Flecked Sceap
- Luparies
- Jinglong Crystalwing
- Cerverid
- Ocellata Amagnae
- Equilibrus Narasad
- Yeen Meep
- Pinue Meep
- Blite Meep
- Hadros Crystalwing
- Kuanos Crystalwing
- Kobaldibar Crystalwing
- Sacris Crystalwing

Thank you! :angel:
back after 3 years away ^^
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Re: Frozen Egg Giveaway (and more)

Postby ShellsandWhiskers » January 14th, 2018, 4:21:02 pm

Can I have one of every Event egg down the list after Light Lapis Crystalwing (so next would be Clostra Crystalwing, then Calaberas Monkey, and all the way to Scaris Crystalwing)?
Also, can I have the Khadakhad Daant adult and Laetolis beast hatchling?
Thank you so much!
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