Racism - A Dead Ism

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Re: Racism - A Dead Ism

Postby Dr Starchild » June 16th, 2017, 7:32:09 pm

I'd say racism is "applied prejudice".

You can't really stop from having the instinct to generalize, it's how animals survive in the wild.

"Big tooth roar beast ate my friend Ug. Me stay away from all Big tooth beasts".

Being unable to generalize might mean you narrowly escape a lion to then be eaten by a leopard.

Racial prejudice
It's judging people by some of their physical characteristics, based on previous experiences or just cultural input (what you see on tv).

If a black guy's mugged you once, it's normal to be scared of guys or black people afterwards


Racism is when you let yourself be swayed by prejudice, when you make decisions on other people based on fear or generalizations. For example not hiring a person of color because of that time some other black guy did mug you.

As humans living in a complex world we've got to acknowledge our primal, caveman instincts to be able to rise above them and function in a vast, crowded, culturally variegated world which we didn't really evolve to handle.

TL:DR, prejudice is instinctual in everyone, but acting racist is a choice, or at least lack of effort to be better than a caveman.
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Re: Racism - A Dead Ism

Postby Fright » October 29th, 2017, 12:15:08 am

I didn't read this whole thread but just saying @OP you probably shouldn't throw around racial slurs even if it is "for science", it's uncomfortable as hell LOL.

Edit: I'm not black but I am a gay man. If someone made a post like this saying faggot every other line I'd be skeeved out, that's my point.
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Re: Racism - A Dead Ism

Postby vipor » October 31st, 2017, 8:51:23 am

Personally I think the term racism is overused.

Don't get me wrong. I annoys me that people yell and curse at people because their skin color is differen't of religion.
Which also led to the 'anti-racism' junk. "We are a multi culty business so we are looking for a gay person for this managers position."
That ad showed up once and for weeks people where complaining again. From all groups.

But I think it is better to stop shouting at people to be less rasist and talk to people to find out what is the cause of their racism.
If a white guy is berated for rasist speech against a black person then all that happens is that the white person believes that everybody care about the black person and that everybody hates the white person.
Which in turn makes things worse. White gets further upset, yells worse things. End up yelling at the wrong black person and the cycle goes further and further.

The thing is.
Some people are rasist out of fear or because they feel the other group is treated better than they are.
But a lot of time I also see things that are not meant as rasist but groups will twist it to a point they can feel offended by it.
Not to mention some people are so set in their ways that they can't see a differen't path.
Or they link themself so deep to the past of their ancestors that they feel that everybody sees them as their ancestors had been seen.

People should stop using the far past as a reason to hate other groups.
In my ancestory I had people who where lay down against their will by Scotish people. I don't hate the people living in Scotland for it.
Further back some of my ancestors where abducted and kept as slaves. I don't have any reason to hate the people of those countries.
If I hate all of them for what has been done to my ancestors, then I am only making myself miserable to a point I will make other people miserable.
AKA pointless.
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Re: Racism - A Dead Ism

Postby SwnyTddObsd » November 13th, 2017, 10:27:42 am

I've been thinking about this thread for a few days now... I remember seeing it go up when it was first published years ago and I didn't have my thoughts put together coherently enough to come up with a response. I skimmed most of the replies here and found that they've got plenty of food for thought.

Spoiler for length. Also, this is mostly about race and racism in the American context, which I come from.

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Re: Racism - A Dead Ism

Postby Sienna » January 3rd, 2018, 3:20:37 am

Racism(or any kind of -ism) isn't just about hating people. It's about discrimination and giving disadvantages.
If you go back to 17th century America and ask a random slave owner if he/she hates black people, that person would probably say "Why would I? They're awesome workers for my farm"
What about sexism. I guess people would agree a man saying "Women are pretty but stupid" is a sexism. But would he think of himself as a sexist? He might be surprised if you ask him if he hates women and could say something like "What are you talking about? I love women!", "I love my wife and why would I hate women?"
Many discriminations happen without awareness.
I mean, if you hate specific ethnicity then that's a serious one.
If you don't, then that makes you less evil, but you still can be racist or make mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, I get annoyed by people labeling me 'Asian' or calling someone 'Asian' while other white people are called 'German' 'Irish' 'French' 'Italian'. I'm like, I DO have a nationality and that's definitely not called 'ASIA' I'm Korean.
Of course I know people didn't mean to be rude, it happens a lot and I'm so used to it that I usually don't mind it either, but once at a time I'm upset that people don't even think that's weird.
People wouldn't call this a racism but I was treated differently because of my race wasn't I?
Yeah and when I lived in US for a while I heard ching chang jokes from the distance behind me. (and I'm not even Chinese err...)

So no, I wouldn't say racism is a dead ism.
Plus, I wouldn't confidently say I'm not a racist.
I have prejudices too in my head and I make mistakes time to time.
For example, assuming everyone who looks different are foreigners and can't speak Korean,
automatically labeling someone as a 'black guy' too easily in my head..while a person's color is very small part of his/her identity.
I try to be aware of these kind of stuffs and not to think that way, and I guess telling myself "Welp I'm not a racist" isn't helpful for doing that.
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Re: Racism - A Dead Ism

Postby georgexu94 » January 3rd, 2018, 5:19:07 am

While these discussions are great, I just want a practical side. How to deal with racism? How to react to issues directly affecting your life?

So here's my story.
In Metro Manila, Chinese are usually seen as the elite class. They are seen as the wealthy and well-educated. I'm saying there are discrimination of the Chinese against Filipinos. Anyway, I'm a Chinese who is working at a local organisation owned by Chinese. Well, my fellow Filipino colleagues are expressing their misgivings how Chinese employees are given more attention, trust and higher salary. How do I respond to that? They are the ones suffering from discrimination and I'm enjoying the benefits from the so called elite race. It's making me guilty and it's not even my fault.
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