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Re: Pets

Postby xAkumaYuki » September 6th, 2017, 12:48:41 am

I used to work as a Bather/Groomer for dogs for almost a year and I loved every single one of those pups as if they were my own! (Specially a boxer named Psifi [Sci-fi for pronunciation] he was the sweetest thing I have ever met and I completely adored him and his dad knew since I would greet them soon as they came in and would come up and give Psifi his pets ^-^) I thoroughly enjoyed working there and I do miss it sometimes, but hopefully within the next year or two I can start college to be a Vet Tech so that I can truly help the pups and kittens that just need some love and nuturing <3 :t-hugs:



I sell and buy frozen eggs!

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Re: Pets

Postby eppy » September 17th, 2017, 6:03:10 pm

My discussion may be a little different. Because I am not talking about a cat, or a dog, or a fish or tweety bird. I'm talking about ducks. Five ducks, to be exact. Originally we got them for eggs, but then I fell in love. And how couldn't I? Ducks are beautiful, softly feathered, with those silly quacks and awkward waddle. And I know someone will bring up the 'they taste good too' response. They do, I've had duck before. But I wouldn't eat my ducks, much like the average person wouldn't eat their cat or their dog. Because they have become pets to me.

Ducks are fairly cheap. No one in the state is interested in looking at avian veterinary for non-tweety birds so unfortunately if something goes wrong we don't have a vet for them. But hatching eggs themselves are pretty cheap, or if you get them from someone, they're not hundreds of dollars (excluding rare, exotic breeds of course!). They eat grain and vegetables. No more throwing away wilted lettuce and spinach! Only at only 1 quarts of food per day of grain (less in summer!), the 40 pound bag lasts for quite a long time. They get along good with our other pets - for the most part. The male duck hates our dog. This is where the problems started, you see... with dogs.

We had 6 ducks, but one day, a dog from another person jumped the fence and did what dogs do to prey animals like ducks. Ever since then the male duck has gone after our dog (innocent little Maggie) with sheer vengeance and hatred. The male is quite the character. He knows his name, ignoring every call I make to him unless I say it in which he'll look at me and quack. Ducks are quite funny, personable, and just plain cute.

But they are messy, I'll give you that. And neighbors may or may not like having female ducks quacking up a storm when they get nervous. But in the end, having a pet duck is a great family addition - if you like ducks!

Unfortunately the "why don't you eat them?" and "ducks aren't pets, they're food!" and "aren't they messy?" questions get a little old, but hey. Every pet has its hate group!

As for ethics in regards to egg eating, let me just say. If one of our females decided she wants to hatch some eggs, she's going to waddle off and find a nice, secluded, human free area to do so. Somewhere we can't read. And I'd let her, so long as it's a safe place. You see, I'd love more ducklings. But since they don't go to make a nest or get broody we take their eggs. Our ducks waddle along, stop, plop out an egg on the spot, and keep going, never looking back. They just don't mind. And that'd be a LOT of ducklings if we got 4 eggs and day and tried to hatch them all!

So I'll leave with a parting sentence: ducks are a cute, silly pet that needs space and their own home (or diapers!) that can also lay you breakfast!
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