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Our view of the world is molded by the knowledge we gain

PostPosted: March 13th, 2017, 12:52:33 pm
by Thane
Good day, fellow residents of the Keep.

With our journeys across the continent during the past three years we have learned much about the people, flora, and fauna of the world surrounding the Keep. In our eagerness to explore, study, and help those in distant corners of the land, however, we have neglected our studies of more familiar lands. Luckily a group of magi from one of the Keep's Associations has been keeping a keen eye on closer areas. They have gathered more information from the surrounding lands, and have their first report ready today. The report features more information about the Silva Forest, as well as details of two noteworthy landmarks within it, and the Keep's cartographers have updated the World map based on the new information.

Due to the recent unfortunate wet accident in the Keeps' Library we have also found recollections of adventures the magi have had around the world. Naomi has already kindly restored several, and we are expecting more to be added to the Library within a week's time, once she is done with more of them.

Re: Our view of the world is molded by the knowledge we gain

PostPosted: March 20th, 2017, 8:09:50 am
by Thane
Hello again, residents of the Keep!

The second part of the report detailing our close lands in the World has been published, and new information about the Etain Desert has been revealed! Naomi has also finished restoring some more tales of our fellow magis' adventures which can now be found in the Library.