Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

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Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby Kryae » May 28th, 2017, 1:28:34 am

There's one dream that I remember very well. I had it when I was little, but it's still clear in my mind. It was short, but extremely terrifying at the time. I can't even explain the fear that I felt, and this might not sound scary to you, but it was. Anyways, here goes:

I sat in a dark room. A very dark room. The door frame shone yellow and bright like a light at the end of a tunnel. Creepy, eerie sounds filled my mind, confusing me, making me question reality. Suddenly, a silhouette moved into the light of the door frame. It looked like a young girl, hair in an almost cartoon-like, perfect bob cut, still as a statue. I was terrified. Horrified. I didn't know what was going on, and I knew that I was completely defenceless. She watched me for a few seconds and then I woke up. I never saw her face.

The strangest thing about this dream was that I had it every night for a few weeks. After a while it went away, but then came back every time I changed where my bed is in my bedroom. I still sleep in the same room.
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Re: Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby madusa » June 16th, 2017, 1:15:53 am

God, I have the craziest dreams. So I live in a town, and we have a lot of snakes. Earlier I was extremely scared of snakes, but now I love them. I had 2 dreams of snakes chasing me and 1 one of leopards. Let me tell you about the scariest snake dream I had:
I was being followed by a snake in the house. My perspective was skewed because I was looking right at the snake following me. It was large, black and had blood red markings. It was staring right at me. I was running everywhere in my house but I was getting tired of running. I had reached the terrace and was sure that thing would have pinned me there but my mother woke me up. Thanks mom.

Then I had a dreams about death, but they were more sad than scary.

Let me tell you about the creauture from one of dreams. So you know the rake, right? Imagine its skin but stretched over a praying mantis. And it gigintic, sitting sideways on a cavewall, and looking right at you.
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Re: Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby ZyphoralTheCanidrahl » July 18th, 2017, 3:05:13 pm

Oh I know this one dream I had when I was little, And I woke up crying... IT'S SO STUPID DON'T JUDGE ME ;-;

It was like a 2D Platformer Game.. I was riding a Yoshi. You know, That lil' Dinosaur in Super Mario.. (I was obsessed..)
But I was running, Running from this old, pale woman's head. She had white, matted hair, white eyes, and a large, pointy nose.
It even came with jumpscares...

Oh wait it's not over. I have another one.

I was having a dream. You know Markiplier? He made a video of a game called Wounded. The thumbnail had this... Skeletal being with skin? Well.. Now to the dream. It was a Markiplier Live Stream. Featuring Wade.. And It kept repeating... The same Jumpscares popping up at the SAME TIME.. But, The more I knew of where the jumpscares took place, I was able to 'Cover My Eyes' At that time in the dream.. The jumpscares were that creature in Markiplier's Thumbnail for Wounded.. It scared the B'JESUS OUT OF ME... Thank god I only had it once..

(Yes I Know It Sounded Fake ^^) (It was real tho)
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Re: Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby SkunkSmell » July 29th, 2017, 10:30:23 am

I once had a dream, or rather nightmare, when I was playing with my toys outside, and the sun started falling, my legs were frozen so all I could do was grab my toys and wait...
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Re: Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby BananaSlug13 » August 12th, 2017, 11:52:09 am

I Have the craziest dreams ever!

-----Harry Potter Spoiler-----

I had this dream where I was on a swim team with the Harry Potter characters (Ginny is AWESOME!) and I was on a relay team with Hermione and George. I asked George who the fourth person was and he said Fred was swimming. I was just like "Georgie, Fred is dead." And George is like no he's not, he's swimming. And I whisper to Hermione to go get Ginny to be our fourth person and George was all "No! Freddie is swimming!" And I'm all crying and then Ginny shows up and totally owns everybody.

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Re: Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby bluecass » August 26th, 2017, 2:10:13 am

Oh jeez I had the wild dream a few weeks ago. It started off and I was going on stage to perform in Hamlet even though I knew I'd never been to any rehearsals and I didn't know any of the lines plus we weren't even really on a stage the whole audience was standing and on the same level as us. Now apparently the scene I was in was the very last one and when I got off the stage they started doing curtain call, for some reason I decided I wanted to change while curtain call was happening so I ran off to the dressing room but when I got back everyone had left the theater. So I also leave the theater, this whole time I've been feeling really unsettled because nothing was making sense to me even though I was dream. When I left I was expecting to come out of my school but instead I came out in some random generic city parking lot. Now luckily I was able to find my mom's car pretty easily so I hop in the car. My mom looks at me and says she wants to see my arms so I pull up my sleeves to see there are these angry red bumps running all up my arms and this freaks me out but my mom isn't even fazed by this she just says "Oh you've got the pox again" and this doesn't settle me at all cause I've never had any sort of pox and also it's not even possible to get pox more then once. My mom starts driving and suddenly we're driving nearly straight up some rocky mountain like place and I ask her where we're going and she just says "you'll see" I wake up here and I wake up so abruptly I didn't even process I just woke up from a dream and I even had to check my arms for the bumps before I could relax.
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Re: Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby eppy » September 18th, 2017, 8:23:25 pm

My dreams are always weird, and basically all of them are nightmares. One that I remember easily started off with a plane emergency landing on our road. When the emergency crews got there they found only one passenger left in the plane, she was calling for help... But it was taking a long time to break through a weird glass barrier, and by the time they got through the girl was no longer alive. They found loads of food all around the plane. The 'dream' seemed to skip ahead for me to go to a news story where they were talking the plane - that the girl had been infected with a virus that makes people eat until they pass. Later it skips ahead to one of the emergency crew members who is eating a lot of food and never feeling full... and that is when I woke up. Creeped out... and hungry.
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Re: Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby Ryutana » September 18th, 2017, 9:42:57 pm

So, its been years since I had a really nasty nightmare. I had them regularly as a child, but when I got this one dog stuffed animal, they disappeared.

Anyways, this is the one I really remember best:
It started dark, with me in my bed. It was like I had awoken from slumber to some noise, some instinct that told me something was very, very wrong in the house. So, I quietly slipped out of bed, and made my way to the door. Oh so carefully I opened the door, and peeked out. I didn't see anything, but the house was dark and quiet. Making my way down stairs, I found someone rummaging in the fridge. At first I thought it was one of my parents, or my young brother. Then, they backed away and I could see them! A stranger, wearing a clown mask. I screamed, and ran. They chased me then. I don't really remember and other details, other then I actually woke up when the clown tried to cleave my skull in two with an axe.

Also, I was like, six.
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Re: Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby niarain » September 21st, 2017, 11:19:13 am

I dream a lot, but there is the scariest dream among them.

I was sleeping in the afternoon. It was very sunny day. I don't watch any Zombie thing at all. I hate everything about it. So, basically I didn't know anything about Zombie. Besides it was years ago, and at that time Zombie wasn't very popular.

Anyway, I was dreaming. It was strange, because I could see myself. It was like me being a camera.

I was wandering in a building. I had to find my family because something horrible would happen anytime soon. I opened every door, and I realized the building was a hospital. I could see people in white gown running and shouting. I went deeper and deeper. Now I could hear screaming from floors below. I had to run. Suddenly there splashed blood on outside of windows. That vivid color of red...

I ran and ran. I saw my friends being eaten by dead people. I couldn't scream. I just cried and ran upstairs.It's funny, every time in my dream, I try to run but fail. In this dream, however, I could run. Heavy breathing, I gave up finding my family, instead went into a room. It looked safe. I locked inside and crawled to deeper place. Maybe under the desk. I heard everything. Footsteps, scream, the sound something dragged...

Something, or someone knocked the door. It was more like a tap. And getting bigger. I bit my lip. Now they were banging. The door and windows. I could see bars over the window. That was relief. But they kept banging. I just blocked my ears and closed my eyes. I hoped they just go away.

And darkness.

I could hear a crunching sound.... It sounded so yummy. I found myself so hungry. It could be. I ran a lot.
I opened my eyes.

And there was me crunching God-knows-Who. Blood everywhere. Zombie me looked at me.

That was when I woke up freaking. I cried a lot. I wrote it like nothing (bad writing), but it was very scary to me.

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Re: Scariest/weirdest dreams (as a story or something)

Postby siriusblack » September 24th, 2017, 11:45:18 am

i had a lucid (realistic) dream of my friend (let's call her... hannah.) who moved away, and then the scene went to the firehouse here, which is an open space, where we thought we were not gonna be able to take care of our two rescue horses (we are OBSESED.) but then... i don't know, i think we ran away with them to nevada and got a ranch.

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