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Re: Create a poem/short story about the above person's signa

Postby nyghtshadow » March 20th, 2018, 3:13:55 pm

There once was a dragon whom loved crystals very much. His owner was very concerned by his diet. "It's just like candy!" The dragon would say. "But Rock Candy..Is made of sugar..Those are not.." His owner would reply. "Right! That's what makes them so tasty!" The dragon exclaimed. This conversation wasn't anything strange, in fact it was normal. The dragon grew more and more, soon his owner came to call him Rock Candy, after the treat he loved so much, but could never actually find. The dragon would eat these crystals, thinking they are candy, as the dragon grew, he began to find Crystals grew upon his body. The more he grew, the bigger they got, until soon, he would become a Dragon of Crystals. Though, he never would stop eating crystals... His owner, to this day, finds him strange, but love able.

(Edit: I just read his breed description and realised, my story is really accurate...THAT is hilarious...haha.)
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Re: Create a poem/short story about the above person's signa

Postby ForgeBlade » April 14th, 2018, 9:05:57 am

For mere mortals, touching the stars may be impossible. However, there was one magic who had deemed it possible. Her name? Nyghtshadow. She had a legion of dragons who could, in fact, fly - except for the skunk, the fish, and the hydra, of course. These dragons allowed her to do things impossible, like touch the stars. However, all who attempted burned up and died. No worries, though, as Nyghtshadow was indeed smart enough to know not to stare at a sun, or go too near it. What a smart magi. However, there was nothing physically restricting Nyghtshadow from invading neighboring/rival kingdoms, so she did. I did mention we were in the medieval era, right? Ah well. As a result of having control of all the land, Nyghtwalker became the happiest magic alive - even if she was a tyrant, it was an accomplishment to feel happy about.
The end~
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Also this cool video I found on YT here :))))))

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