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BlazeClan - WIP, do not post

Postby Spiritsun3287 » August 12th, 2017, 11:57:52 pm

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While leaves fell off of the trees in a blaze of reds and oranges, and the breeze brought cold whispers of the leaf-bare to come, a small group of cats met together in a clearing on a hill. They had many different backgrounds, some being former kittypets, some being loners, and some coming from lands far away. they all knew each other separately, some were family, some friends, some rivals, and one large, fluffy orange tabby that everyone knew one way or another, bringing the ragtag group together for a meeting. He spoke of a strange group of cats called a clan, united only by their beliefs in their ancestors and their own honor and loyalty. He said that to combat the hunger and sickness that came with leaf-bare they should form a clan, so that the strongest could protect the weak through harder times, and they could all flourish.
He purposefully selected the cats that had nothing to loose and nothing to live for. The other loners had families to take care of, mates, kits and parents. The cats that he spoke to had all left their families or been forced out of them, kittypets that left their twolegs and loners that had nowhere else to go. Because of this they all accepted, no matter if their intentions were good or bad, or how long they planned to stay with the clan.
That day the large orange tabby, calling himself Lionbelly, named the clan BlazeClan, for the bright spirits and determination he hoped his clanmates to have through the thick and the thin, and the loyalty they would have to the clan and each other. They received names and created a camp in that very clearing,
and now, many moons later, they remain BlazeClan.
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