Can't releasee or freeze an egg?

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Can't releasee or freeze an egg?

Postby Bongo » September 13th, 2017, 8:02:15 pm

Hi, I'm using my phone to get on the site right now, and for some reason I cannot freeze or release a Gamilara Phoenix egg. I haven't tested it on my other creatures because I don't want to lose them. Anyway, when I click on the release or freeze button, it takes me to the screen that asks if I'm sure I want to do this. I press yes, but when I go back to my creatures page, the egg is still there. I have already tried reloading and exiting the site. I'd appreciate any and all help
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Re: Can't releasee or freeze an egg?

Postby HiddenMystic » September 13th, 2017, 8:13:55 pm

You can't release an egg frozen or not for 6 hours after you take it from the stream...maybe that's why you can't release it yet?

Not being able to freeze it is odd though - I stream clean a lot and never had that problem. But then again have never done it on a smart phone either. :lol:
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