Rp i did with a friend XD

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Rp i did with a friend XD

Postby ColorsOfKiki » January 5th, 2018, 1:54:46 am

Again the growing herd was on the move, having spent the better part of two days navigating the cavernous tunnels below the snow capped mountains of Beorg. Outside of a few Cave lion pawprints, they hadn’t run into much trouble. At one point Sva had tripped and bumped his nose on a rock- but that was a minor thing and was quickly tended by the two stallions who stuck to the mushroom male like glue. Audunn found himself chuckling under his breath at Sva’s misfortune. Suits a snobbish stallion like him to get bit in the rump by karma once in a while.

As he walked Audunn kept his eyes out for pools of water. Attracted by the sounds of dripping or rushing currents that echoed across the dark stone. Most only led to little pools hardly big enough to fit a foal up to its chest. All still and tranquil. He hadn’t even spied a cave fish to snack on. Partly regretting not taking up Vidar’s offer to hunt with him. Styggr had even gone with, promising she’d return by sunrise to feed his wobbly-knee’d newborns. Behind him, the little ones were carried through the rough terrain on the backs of Othala and Magni. The boys seeming to done of the foals at every opportunity. It was heartening to know his offspring were well received by the herd, tended by the watchful eyes of Magni and his silent companion. Near him, Aavet was screaming with glee as he hopped from one shallow pool to the next. The little maneless colt something of a hassle for the draft and his group. He didn’t have the heart to turn him away though, instead trying to guide the foal toward a calmer path of life. It was all good and fine to play but there was a time and place for it. The caverns certainly weren’t the place.

“Little Aavet, hush now. Do you remember what I told you about the caves?”

The strawberry roan looked up at him with his dark brown eyes, giving a quiet nod as he shook his head. Cave lions, vampires, all manners of things dwelled in the dark places beneath the earth. He was to keep his play quiet, and splashing in pools only led to detectable echos. “Yes papa.” The colt replied as he climbed out of the water and came to stand by Audunn, who gave him a reassuring nuzzle.

“Good boy, now when we get out of here you can play as much as you want, but now you need to be quiet. Go walk with Othala and Magni would you?”

Again the foal nodded as he trotted over to the other stallions, smiling brightly at the two as they resumed their walk through the cave. Audunn had said the exit wasn’t far from where they had paused, saying the wind in the tunnels had picked up and carried the faint scent of ocean water. They’d reach the Hidden Island within an hour.


Kylar had been walking for hours through the tunnels, his ears perked forward as light shone slight ahead of him. He moved into a canter, his chains echoing against the cave walls. Soon he had made it to the hidden island his blue roan blanket Appaloosa pelt standing out against his surroundings.

He began nibbling on some grass to quiet the snarling going around in his belly,once he had his fill he decided to tuck his legs under him and have a small nap. Shifting once down to stop his piercing from digging into his skin.

He wasn't down long before he heard voices coming his way. Slowly he got to his hooves with a lazy grunt before awaiting their arrival.


None in the group had taken notice of a stranger as they exited the seemingly endless tunnels to be greeted by fresh air and green grass. It was oddly warm here considering it was a part of Beorg, or maybe Æmenne. Audunn couldn’t be sure. The maps from both regions always seemed to overlap, and he had certainly had enough of reading them. At least Arianrhod had picked a place to settle on for her clan..which was somewhere on this island if he wasn’t mistaken.

Magni and Othala had paused to settle near an outcropping of rocks while Sva stalked off to graze. Gently coaxing the little foals from their backs as they got situated for a nap. Aavet clambering over to the pair as he flopped into the foal pile that had formed between the stallions. “Easy of the babies.” Magni chided him, giving the roan a nip of his ear. Aavet produced a pout but went about moving more tactfully amidst the tangle of legs and bodies. He too settled down and in no time at all was soundly asleep.
“Magni, Othala, keep an eye on them while I scout the area ahead?” Othala nodded but Magni was occupied grooming the babies. He didn’t hang around for his reply and quickly moved off to find the closest source of water. There were plenty on this island, along with a sea, and an ever present bank of fog that blurred the edges of the woods around him. If there was a place that was more suited to these fish-horse he didn’t know where it would be.

The draft walked for a few seconds before pausing, his dark ears swiveling with the fainted clink of metal greeted them. It wasn’t a second later that his vampire eyes crossed over the form of another horse. A stallion by the looks of it with rather...interesting piercings. The source of the sound he had heard. “Who is there?” Audunn asked, standing his ground.

Kylar perked his ears forward as he heard a voice, his hooves slowly carrying him close the chain clanking with each step he took. “Hello, I'm Kylar.” the appy stud said giving a polite and respectful smile to the other brute.
The warmer weather feeling amazing here hence why he traveled all the way from Rover territory. Which that too was on a hidden island. “Weather feels amazing here that's why I'm here.” He explained knowing he probably didn't have to but he didn't want the other stallion wary of him after all he wasn't one to hurt anyone but he knew the stud wouldn't know that.


Audunn gave a quiet snort, stamping the ground before moving to circle the other stallion like a wolf. “Nice to meet you Kylar. You should have introduced yourself instead of startling me.” Not like he would have kicked the male, he just didn’t want to take a chance with his foals getting injured.

While he circled he eyed the chain that was looped around Kylar’s neck and down between his legs in a rather..questioning manner. “What’s the chain for, did you offend someone?” He was grasping at straws really, trying to figure out why a male would have a chain connected to his genitals in such a manner. It didn’t look comfortable by any means and almost made the draft feel bad for him.

Kylar watched the stallion stalk around him, remaining in one spot as he listened to the stud. “sorry, I didn't know it was another horse because of the fog and sometimes cave lions are out in these parts so I didn't want to give myself away.” the appy stud said.
It was nice for the stud to have some company, he was used to being alone. “oh.. my parents forced it on me when I was just a foal so I didn't do anything wrong to get it.” He said snorting in annoyance at what his parents had done to him.

Seeing past the stud he could barely see the shapes of other horses laying down. “ahh you brought your herd?” he asked another friendly smile taking over his lips.


“That I did. Keep away from them.” Audunn warned, waiting a moment as he considered Kylar’s tale of getting the odd piercing. “Forced it on you,Why don’t you just remove it?” The stallion almost laughed at the strangeness of that. Keeping something that reminded the draft of sex jewelry. He hoped it didn’t have the same connotation. He had heard of camps in Æmenne with servants of similar regard and resisted the urge to shudder at the thought.

After a moment he spoke again, watching the male with a slightly softer expression. “I suppose if you are worried about Cave lions, I could harbor another for a few days time. Though be warned, if you harm any in my herd I will retaliate.” He made a point of baring the pointed teeth that always poked out from under his lips. It disgusted him to feed on other horses or animals in general but he’d use this to his advantage if needed.

Kylar bowed his head in respect to the stallion. “of course, I have no interest in hurting anyone.” the stud said as if to prove his point he relaxed his leg in an attempt to show he wouldn't be going any closer after all he had no reason to hurt them since their leader was being civil to the Appaloosa.

“I can't, as I grew it buried itself into my skin, though I honestly don't mind it. It can hurt sometimes but I'm so used to it now.” He explained showing he would have taken it out if he could become it made certain activities hard though he loved the pain it brought him.

“I would really appreciate that, I promise I won't touch any of them. I'll also help protect them, safety in numbers and all that.” the stud said the look on his face showing just how grateful he was.


The stallion nodded toward him, contemplating for a moment as his eyes scanned through the trees before eventually finding his resting herd members. “I’ll welcome you aid, for now I have plans though. Visit with the perlino Magni when you head that way.”

He didn’t bother waiting to see what the other had to say a he walked off into the forest, in search of a pool of water large enough to conceal a horse.
Back at the rocks, the foals were all still sound asleep along with Magni. The only horses awake now were Svafa and Othala. The later of which was growing restless from laying on the ground. Oh so gently he separated himself from the pile of foals to stretch his legs and maybe find something to eat. Svafa glanced at him and said nothing as he too wandered off to find a snack. His eyes cast downward as he looked for clovers. The brindle stallion hadn’t even noticed the other horse until he walked squarely into their rump- startled and hopping back. Apparently it was a roan appaloosa. Vaguely in the distance he saw Audunn leaving the area, but only for a moment or two before his form was obscured by fog.


Kylar watched the stallion walk away not attempting to reply since the stud was obviously not interested in any more of a conversation with him. He heard another coming up behind him just before they collided against his rump. His muscles tensing as he took a step forward before turning to face the one who bumped him like that.

“can I help you sir?” he asked obviously not mad that he had bumped into him. The appy stud was more calm then that.


Othala was more than a little surprise to have run into another horse, staring at the stallion with wide eyes. “S-sorry for- um..” He stammered, shuffling back a bit and dropping his head, ears tipped to the sides. “No, I don’t need help.” The stallion replied rather breathlessly, hoping he wasn’t about to get kicked for not watching where he was walking. He never had this problem in the caves...or anywhere really considering how much effort he put into being away from other horses. Always fearful of being mocked or chased off for his particular deformities. “Sorry again- won’t happen again!”

While Othala was fretting, Audunn was busy hunting for a pond or lake. Following the scent of freshwater on an island that mostly smelt of salt and the sea. It took him a few minutes but he did eventually manage to find a pool of water. The surface calm and covered in a mix of lily pads and duckweed. Assorted grasses and cattails on the shore. From the edge of the pond he just stared into the water, hoping to catch a glimpse of scales or have one of these strange kelpies appear from beneath the water’s surface like some fairytale being. If vampires and werewolves were real, why not a cannibal horse that breathed underwater like a fish?


Kylar chuckled softly shrugging his roan shoulders. “no worries my friend, no harm done so relax I'm not gonna kick you or anything. No reason to.” The appy stud said giving a kind smile to the other brute. “oh hey do you know who Magni is? The leader said I could hang around, safety in numbers my friend.” He finished before looking off where the other guy had went curious.
He wondered what he was getting up to but he didn't fancy pushing his luck in being nosy just in case anyone didn't want him snooping around.


“M-magni is my friend, he’s sleeping right now...Um..I can wake him?” Despite Kylar’s reassurance it didn’t seem to sooth the stallion’s nerves. He was always just a nervous wreck when it came to socializing. Usually Sva stepped in but he hadn’t done so yet and honestly hadn’t even noticed the little interaction. If he had he’d probably be challenging Kylar, shouting something or other about stealing his boys from him. The brindle turned to shuffled back toward the rocks while almost tripping over his own hooves. The sound of him clambering around like an elephant was enough to alert Svafa and wake up the sleeping perlino, who gazed sleepily at Othala. “What’s the matter?” He mumbled as he got up himself, stepping over the foal pile to check over his friend. After a moment or two he spotted Kylar and just squinted at them, Svafa coming over to stand by his side.


He was going to tell the stud not to worry about it just to let them know when they woke up but from all the noise the stud made he figured they would already be awake so he just kept quiet and followed suit his own striped hooves making much less noise. “are you okay?” he asked in a low tone allowing the stud to pretend he didn't hear it if he chose to.

When the other two came into view his ears perked forward and his head raised ever so slightly to better see them without tugging on his chains. The metal clanking was the only obvious noise coming off him. Once a few feet away he came to a stop his soft brown eyes looking from one stud to the other before remaining on the perlino. “you must be Magni, I'm Kylar. Your leader said I could come over here. Just to check with you.” the appy stud said shifting his weight slightly trying to lessen the tension on his chain.


The brindle stallion did indeed hear Kylar’s question and glanced toward him wordlessly, eyes drifting slightly at the sound of clinking metal but promptly redirected elsewhere. He supplied a shaky nod of his head and circled behind the other two horses to be out of view..or partly. He was slightly taller than Svafa but shorter than Magni by an inch or two. From his shielded position he watched the stranger.

“Whose this?” Sva snorted, head raised high as he tried to appear larger and more imposing.

“Audunn said you could come over here?” The perlino questioned, glancing at the riled up Sva with a faint smile. “Well if he okayed it, I guess we are okay with it too?”

“I’m not-” The mushroom stallion started just before Magni went to turn him the other direction.

“It’s fine if Au says it is. Be nice to him.” Sva seemed to huff but shuffled off to do his own thing nearby. Apparently still annoyed by the wild flicking of his tail. “What did you say your name was again?” Magni questioned as he looked the stranger over, also noticing the chain and resisting the urge to gawk at what it was connected to. That explained Othala’s fretting at least.

The brindle still stood partly behind Magni but was forced to turn and face forward when Sva wandered off, standing side by side with his friend and still looking a mix of disturbed and afraid. Magni noticed and gave the stallion a reassuring nuzzle. “I am Magni yes, nice to meet you. This is Oth- Ah pardon, Geirlaug...and that was Svafa.” He gave a nod toward his mate. “Are you out here by yourself?” It wasn’t his cup of tea to be the one speaking but for the sake of peace he would do it. Probably the reason Audunn had suggested him. The options weren’t very promising with the other two males.


Kylar watched the stud look imposing his stance remaining relaxed though even if he did try to look the same his neck would pull his piercing and only end up with him looking completely stupid. That definitely wouldn't be taken as a threat though it might help the guy chill. The appy stud muffin stood considering what his best move would be.

When hearing the other male talk he looked at the perlino he got the feeling none of them were that fond of strangers but luckily neither seemed as grumpy as the one walking away. “Kylar is my name sir, yes I'm alone. I'm apart of a clan but sometimes I need to get out and away at least until I'm needed.” he said
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Re: Rp i did with a friend XD

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As this appears to be an original story, I have moved it to the proper section of the Tea House.
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