Gemmie and Kravitz (a story about my ocs)

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Gemmie and Kravitz (a story about my ocs)

Postby bluecass » December 23rd, 2017, 4:44:18 pm

Chapter 1
The Seeing Eye

Warm light filled the room reflecting off the dark mahogany furniture, tables, chairs, and most impressively a beautifully polished bar taking up much of the left wall. Shelves lined the wall behind the bar, full of glasses and bottles that twinkled delicately in the light. At the time there were two people sitting in the room chatting amicably.
Sitting behind the bar was a Satyr who had warm brown skin dusted with freckles. His hair was nearly black, and reached just past his shoulders in loose curls, poking out of which was a pair of short branching horns. His eyes were a milky gray and there was a third eye, currently closed, in the center of his forehead. He was propping his head up on one of his hands and his cloven hooves were thumping rhythmically against the carpeted floor as he bounced his legs while listening to the other man take over the conversation.
“You should have seen it Kravitz!” the tiny cat-like man exclaimed, slamming his fists on the bar. “The Vulture was like ten feet tall and that Ziph was so much shorter than them, and she just didn’t care! She was all like, ‘Your repression of the people's freedoms and free will will not be tolerated!’” he mimicked in a strange squawky voice. “And the vulture didn’t even respond they just went at her like WOOSH!” He jumped off the stool and swung his arms wildly. “And she was all like KATCHA!” He ducked, turned, and swung his arms one last time before turning towards Kravitz. “And then the Vulture was on the ground and Ziph was just gone.”
He sat back down, a frown marring his features. “I don’t trust it. I feel like there’s something I’m missing and that Vulture seemed right pissed when he stood back up. This rebellion thing is getting out of hand if you ask me, I mean it sounds nice and all, and sure these wild fights are wicked exciting to see, but it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured and then what happens? We’ll have a full out war on our hands!” he sighed angrily and took a long swig from the glass sitting on the bar in front of him.
Kravitz watched the man for a moment before sighing for himself, sitting up straight and stretching, his back cracking as he does. “Pleth, take what I have to say as you will, but you needn’t get so caught up in these sort of affairs. Let them play out as they will and, so long as they aren’t harming you, accept that not everything can go how you might wish it to.” he smiled sagely and pulled an empty glass and a square of cloth out from beneath the bar and began methodically cleaning the already sparkling glass.
Pleth looked at Kravitz incredulity, “Your joking right. I know you more than anyone else in all of Gremtalmar and you have no place in telling me what I should or should not be worried about. You can see the future! Of course you’re going to tell me to take everything as it comes!”
“Now I don’t see the futu-”
“Oh yeah, you don’t ‘see the future’,” Pleth mimics. “You can just see every possible outcome of anything ever. If you know so much why can’t you just tell me how this whole thing is going to play out? It would save me, and a lot of other people, a whole ton of stress don’t you know?” Pleth was now standing on the footrest of the stool, his hands palm down on the bar, glaring daggers at Kravitz.
Kravitz took a calming breath, the corner of his mouth twitching from irritation. “you’re too emotional Pleth I’ve explained this to you before and if you would just take a moment to calm down you’d remember that I’m under a vow.”-Kravitz pushed Pleth back onto his stool-“A vow that every knowledgeable is sworn to take, or else lose our powers. We can’t share our visions, not even with each other, it’s too much of a risk to the future to have large masses of creatures knowing what could happen. I didn’t make the rules I just obey them. I don’t want a war any more than you do, but if it is bound to happen then there will be nothing I, nor you, could do to stop it.” Kravitz’s furred ears flipped agitatedly and he glared at Pleth, his milky eyes flashing in warning.
Pleth scrunched up his nose angrily. “Sheesh I see how it is,” looking down he swirled the amber liquid in his glass. “I don’t see why I still come here,” he grumbled before finishing off the liquor and settling back onto the stool.
Kravitz huffed out a laugh. “And I don’t see why I still let you come here.”
“Probably because I’m the only creature that ever comes, plus you’re terrible at naming places ‘The Seeing Eye’ what sort of pub name is that?” Pleth chortled. “How do you even pay for this place?”-He glanced around the bar-“It doesn’t exactly look like the sorta place that could be payed off by a couple whiskeys a week.”
Kravitz chuckled, “Don’t sell yourself short there buddy,”-Pleth placed a hand on his chest, pretending to be offended, as Kravitz pours him another glass-“in actuality, however, It’s the college, they pay for ‘outings’ like this, helps the mind grow doing things you love or whatever. Although if I don’t start making more money off this place I’m going to have to go back to the college pretty soon.” He sounded upset at the thought of having to leave. “You know Pleth, you ought to have some other friends, why do you never bring them over? It would help me out you know.”
Pleth smiled mischievously, pointed teeth glinting in the light. “Why don’t you just ‘Let things play out as they will’?” he laughed.
“No I’m being seriou-” suddenly Kraviz posture, which had been relaxing as they returned to light hearted banter, went rigid. His legs stopped bouncing. His hands froze, still clutching the glass, and his eyes slipped closed as the third eye in the center of his forehead snapped open, its iris a small pit of black.
Pleth sat up straight at Kravitz’s sudden shift and after a moment of complete still he leaned forward, “Kravitz?” He asked, his voice hardly above a whisper. Tail twitching cautiously behind him he leaned forward a bit. “Is this some vision thing? Are you alright?” he asked slowly reaching his hand towards Kravitz’s face. Just as Pleth’s fingers were about to brush his freckled cheek, Kravitz gasped. His eyes snapped back open, and he jumped back. Butt slipping of the back of his stool, Kravitz fell backward and his head slammed into the shelving behind him causing the glasses to rattle loudly and some to come smashing to the ground.
“Kravitz!” Pleth yelled jumping off his stool and hurrying around the bar in order to help the Satyr up, only to be greeted by Kravitz stumbling back onto his hooves and hurrying towards him, eyes wide in panic. “A-are you okay?” Pleth breathed, hardly loud enough to be heard over Kravitz’s heavy panting.
“I’m fine,” Kravitz grumbled, flattening the folds in his robe, “Satyr skulls are extremely dense.” He says the fact offhandedly, not even registering the words as they passed his lips. He shook his head and moved briskly past Pleth towards the door, eyes hazy with worry.
“What was that?” Pleth asked, concern in his voice. He easily slipping in front of Kravitz, preventing him from leaving.
Kravitz stopped and crossed his arms. “Move,” He said darkly, but rather than move Pleth merely raised an eyebrow at Kravitz and put his hands on his hips. Kravitz rolled his eyes but none the less relented. “It was a ‘vision thing’, as you so eloquently put it,” he grumbled and pushed past Pleth stopping as he opened the door and turned back to Pleth. “You need to go back home. You got that? I’ve got important things to do and I can’t have you mucking them up.” Kravitz pushed the door fully open and glared at Pleth.
After a tense moment Pleth shrugged and grumbled, “Fine, fine, do whatever you want,”-he began to walk out the door, then turned and pointed at Kravitz-“but you better tell me what this is all about later ok?”
Kravitz walked out the pub after Pleth, “No promises, you should never set anything in stone.” He turned back around and began locking the door and turning off the neon “open” sign.
Pleth rolled his eyes at Kravitz but none the less, with a stunted wave, began to head off. Kravitz waited patiently for a moment, watching Pleth until he disappeared around a bend from the calm side street The Seeing Eye was on. Under his breath he counted calmly to ten before turning the opposite way from where Peth went and taking off as fast as he could down the street. The panic he had felt directly after the vision had returned full force. Nine minutes to get to the square, thirteen minutes till the pads shut off, sixteen minutes to prevent bloodshed.
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