A Naruto One shot: Another Day

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A Naruto One shot: Another Day

Postby Sanukuni » December 19th, 2017, 2:41:52 am

'It's raining again.' Naruto thinks to himself, his gray-blue gaze glancing through the slowly clouding window of his apartment. Right after his sixth birthday, old man 'Kage had brought him there as a new home since the orphanage had locked him out again on a brisk night.

He grumbles as he get up from his seat, a small, three legged stool, and puts on a black tank top, matching pair of sweatpants, and an old dingy raincoat before slipping out into the rain.

"I hope they don't mind that I'm a little wet." He whispered to himself, sliding between buildings and alleyways, going from his modest apartment in the rough district to the warehouses n on the other side of the village.

Upon arriving at a slightly smaller warehouse hidden behind two huge ones and surrounded by trees, he enters through a door near the bottom ledge of what looked to be a loading zone. "Hello?" The little six year old called out, shaking his head to rid of some of the rain that had seeped through.

"Naru! There you are, we were worried about you!" A voice called out before a white and blue blur slammed into him, ignoring the wet entirely. Hugging the now out of breath boy was a child around the same age as him, having long silvery white hair and a sparse shadowing of freckles upon it's face that seemed to only stand out when the kid blushed, dressed what looked to be a dark blue tank and black pants.

"Yugure you're gonna get wet!" Naruto laughed as he pulls away from Yugure, who's shifting blue eyes smiled at him. "She couldn't wait til you arrived," Another voice range out just as a third finished the sentence. "As usual."

Coming from the same general direction were two other kids, the same age as Yugure, one looking exactly the same as her except with icy blue eyes, while the other had black hair with heterochromia, with a green left eye and and blue right eye.

"Yukimori, Kohaku, Yugure, don't go crowding Him now that he's back, Naruto don't encourage the triplets!" A familiar voice rang out, causing the gathering six year olds to back to where one Itachi Uchiha was currently tuning a cello.
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