Some Poetry

This section is for writing that is completely your own, including the world it is set in

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Some Poetry

Postby zoefae » November 30th, 2017, 2:54:47 pm

I used to take solace in fanstasy.
In knights in shining armor,
In evil queens and deadly dragons,
In princesses cooped up in stony towers.

But then I looked up from the pages I had lived in for so long,
And saw a world just as fantastical as the ones I had escaped to.
The verdent green peeking up through the cracks in crumbling concrete,
The clouds lined with silver by the light of the sun,
The dust motes suspended in the golden beam coming in through the window.

Life lived in pages is easy, you live a life already written for you
Planned out in in paragraphs and periods,
It is enough for some, but once you look up from the blocks of words reminiscent of prison cells,
You will never. ever. look. back.
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