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Earth and Wind creature design contest

Contest Rules & Information

Postby Tekla » October 12th, 2014, 1:06:06 pm

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Rules and info for this October 2014 Art Contest, posted here for convenience! Not following the rules may result in disqualification, so please make sure your entries comply before the end of the contest!

You will be drawing depictions of one or both of these creatures (Earth or Wind). There will be two winners, one for each creature. Selected designs may have a chance of being incorporated into the MagiStream Universe. By entering this contest, you are agreeing to allow MagiStream to utilize your idea and potentially alter your design.


Time Frame: This contest will run from October 1st, 2014 through October 25th 2014 - Closing at (12:00 AM - midnight) Eastern Standard Time on the 25th.

Requirements: This creature must be either Wind or Earth based, taking into account what Iaren has seen.

The Earth Creature must include the following:
  • large body structure
  • made of stone
  • red crystal in chest
  • orange, yellow and red leaves

The Wind Creature must include the following:
  • two sets of wings
  • two taloned feet (NO MORE THAN 2 FEET)
  • two tails


- Entries need to be posted in this (the Competition Entries) forum

- Please label your thread title with either Earth or Wind, followed by a name you have given the creature.

- We will accept most forms of art: traditional (i.e. pencil, marker, paint, et cetera), as well as all forms of digital art. No sculpture or 3D art.

- Short descriptions and names are welcome, based on the information given. They are not required, however.

Errata rules: Member of the MS team are not eligible for prizes, although they may enter. Winners of the DP prize will not be eligible to win again for two months.

Winners: There will be two grand prize winners, one for each creature. Each grand prize winner will receive an Infernal Imp.
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