Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Basalt Chromodor Leviathan
Birthday: Monday, June 20, 2016
Owner: silentstarelly

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Basalt chromodor leviathans are seldom seen by anyone, and for most of history were considered a myth. It was only when a dedicated explorer with powerful water magic descended to the depths of underwater caves in Callisto that these behemoths were discovered and their eggs brought to the Keep. Adults will consume anything they find on the ocean floor, and some magi theorize that the leviathans achieve their immense size and gorgeous coloring from sunken magical artifacts the leviathans find and consume. A magi who is in tune with their leviathan will often be able to sense if something is amiss beneath the ocean waves, or if something has disturbed the currents, such as a building storm.

Despite their great size, rivaling a sailing ship, and potentially fearsome strength, basalt chromodor leviathans are incredibly gentle, almost to the point of being slothlike. They are content to remain on the ocean floor and move very slowly, consuming debris they find there. They do not bother with other species, and luckily for them they are far too large to be seen as food by any deep sea predator. Basalt chromodor leviathans are even harder to find in the wild than their abyssal counterparts, as they are drawn to the warmest parts of the ocean floor, clustering around submarine volcanoes. It is said that they can withstand temperatures that boil the water around them. Once a year in the winter, coinciding with a great ripple through the water, these creatures spread their wing-like fins and let themselves be carried by the ocean currents to parts unknown. They return in the spring, sometimes in greater numbers than before.

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Raneth