Male Hatchling

Male Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Fanged Calour
Birthday: Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Owner: MageLorelei

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Stage Progress: 88.54%
Overall Progress: 94.37%

Calour hatchlings are eager to please and have a strong instinct to be trained, but have very little control over their magical abilities. Calour hatchlings tend to be wreathed in rippling flames nearly constantly, as they absorb far too much heat. More than one magi at the keep has woken up freezing when their calour hatchling absorbed their fireplace's heat, or had to come back early from an expedition when their calour frostburned the food they were supposed to help preserve. Despite this, calours will keep trying to use their magic, and its magi will have to be patient in not only training it, but keeping themselves and their quarters at a stable temperature.

Fanged calours are large, strong animals, but despite their appearance they are mild-mannered and sociable. The range of the fanged calour spans the entirety of Voltar, where they prefer to live on the slopes of live volcanoes. Fanged calours tend to live in small packs. A pack typically consists of two breeding individuals and their offspring, with the oldest offspring typically driven off after three years with their parents. The newly lone calour will then travel all over Voltar, seeking out a mate and a source of intense heat. The fanged calour's magical ability is what makes them prefer the intensely hot conditions of Voltar. Calours can absorb and store heat from any source. They can absorb heat from the air around them, and even from open flames, rendering the fire to ash while they then create the fire around their own bodies. Fanged calours have perfected this ability, and have been observed standing in rivers of lava, the lava cooling to stone around their feet. Their bodies turn a deep blue the more heat they absorb, as though fire burns beneath their fur, and their manes will erupt in blisteringly hot blue flame. There is no limit to how much heat a fanged calour can absorb.

Sprite art: Tekla | Description: Raneth