Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: Sibryn
Species: Ghost Leopard
Birthday: Monday, December 22, 2014
Owner: NepetaLeijon

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Stage Progress: 100%
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Adult ghost leopards are solitary creatures who usually only tolerate their hatchlings, their mate, and their magi. They are not overly aggressive unless threatened, but instead prefer to turn themselves invisible when they wish to hide. Unable to live in warm climates, ghost leopards prefer to spend their time in the Alasre mountains, but they will come down to visit their magi. Their thick fur, stocky build, short ears, and long heavy tail keep them warm in even the coldest weather, and their wide paws act as snowshoes in the deep mountain snow. Adult ghost leopards are unable to roar like some of their feline cousins, but they can make eerie wailing noises, which more than one traveller has attributed to ghosts. Their incredible jumping ability allows them to cover great distances both up and across, and they use this to hunt their prey, as well as to very gently play with their magi.

Ghost leopards are among the rarest creatures in the world, especially as wild leopards live only in the highest, coldest parts of the Alasre mountains. Even if a magi finds a way to venture up to these breathless heights, they aren't guaranteed to see a ghost leopard, as these creatures are not only notoriously shy, but they also possess the ability to make themselves invisible. Some magi have reported that being in contact with a ghost leopard when it turns itself invisible extends the power to the magi, but many don't recommend the experience; the invisible world of a ghost leopard is described as cold, colourless, and soundless except for the muffled sound of the magi's own heartbeat.

Sprite art: Tekla/GlassWalker | Description: Sochitelya