Frozen Female Hatchling

Frozen Female Hatchling
Name: Aela
Species: Verikan
Birthday: Sunday, July 15, 2012
Owner: BlameRose

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Stage Progress: 0.88%
Overall Progress: 50.44%

Young verikans are not fond of human company, and are not often seen, as they travel underground. Although some magi try to tame these little ones, they scratch and peck when picked up, and are usually left to their own devices. The only time these irritating hatchlings are seen is at night, when they slink through the castle, looking for shiny objects to steal. If seen, a verikan hatchling takes off at an amusing, bouncing trot. If a magi carries bits of crystals everywhere, and offers them to a verikan hatchling at every opportunity, the two may form a tenuous friendship.

No one is quite sure how to classify verikans. They possess the same temperaments as dragons – proud, intelligent, and vicious when provoked - but they also are covered in soft fur, and have beaks. As for their history, no mention of them has ever been found, so one can only guess as to how verikans came into existence. Many magi are studying these creatures at the moment, writing down all newly discovered information to ensure that the library is made more complete. It is difficult to observe a verikan, even if it is one's companion, as they are not fond of humans. Setting out a few crystals or shiny objects and waiting for a verikan to appear is the best way to catch a glimpse of one. These companions have also been seen eating bugs, but seem to prefer crystals and anything that glitters. Their great love for gems is not surprising, as they were discovered in the glittering caverns to the west. With their vibrant colors and crystals, verikans blend in perfectly with the Caves of Nareau. Their long, slim bodies allow them to weave through impossibly narrow tunnels and remain well out of sight. This, along with the fact that they live in the deepest of the caves, accounts for why they have eluded humans for so long. Even at the castle, they create and travel through tunnels, and are rarely seen. These extensive tunnels are said to go right beneath The Keep, and no one knows just how numerous they are.