Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Name: unnamed
Species: Icist
Birthday: Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Owner: Reinscrya
Mother: Larimar
Father: Roheryn

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Stage Progress: 88.88%
Overall Progress: 64.19%

This strange egg is perfectly round and incredibly cold.

Although all companions are considered unique, icist dragons are exceedingly interesting. They cannot exist except in the coldest of environments, and they eat only snow and icicles. They eat so much that the ground would be bare, except for the storms other ice creatures summon. It is odd that icists do not control the weather strongly, when it is necessary for their existence. They must rely heavily on the spelled caverns below ground, and the company of ice gyphons and phoenixes. In the warmer months some of these beasts choose to remain at the castle, far below the castle, while some decide to travel north. These icists are escourted to the Arkene by whichever ice companions are traveling there as well. Nyiara, a magi who has deep affection for these animals, often undertakes the journey herself, ensuring that these icists make it there safely. If left in a warm place for too long, icists quickly get ill, almost melting and becoming listless. If this ever occurs, the creature must quickly be brought to cold location and surrounded in blocks of ice. Even if rescued immediately, the icist will be listless for a while. It is unfortunate that the usual cooling spells never seem to work on these creatures, almost as though another spell is already in place, blocking any magic. Despite the many mysteries surrounding them, there is no question that they are worthy creatures to be called companions, with their powers.