Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Prasine Earth Ferret
Birthday: Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Owner: Nobody

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Stage Progress: 1.28%
Overall Progress: 48.29%

If you see a moving lump in your bed, investigate before you scream. It's most likely a little earth ferret, who has either decided to take a nap there or make it a playground. These creatures are known to be handfuls, so it is best to take that into account when raising one. Magi with these companions will often take turns watching them, placing them all in one big room to run around and tire themselves out. Once ready to sleep, the little ones form huge piles and nap on one another. They are very social hatchlings, and love each others' company. From time to time a hatchling will disappear, although all doors are shut and locked. As these companions age, they vanish more and more, reappearing in the strangest of places.

There are many beloved creatures at the castle, and earth ferrets are no exception. These hyper beasts delight in wreaking havoc, running through classrooms and stealing quills. It's not unusual to see an earth ferret sprinting through the halls, dragging a scroll behind it. Usually not far behind is a student, yelling at the creature and frantically trying to recover their work without being bitten. Earth ferrets are irritating enough creatures – they love stealing from everyone – and their magic is just as mischievous. These companions are able to tunnel through earth at great speeds, popping up in random places. No walls can stop them, and they somehow show up even in places with rock floors. Perhaps to make up for their mischievous ways, these ferrets often offer their help in the gardens. They know just where plants should be placed to get the right amount of sunlight, and take it upon themselves to pull up weeds. Rare flowers and herbs used for potions do best when tended to by an earth ferret, and their help is much appreciated.