Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: Volcarona
Species: Red Asaento Butterfly
Birthday: Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Owner: Piney

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Stage Progress: 100%
Overall Progress: 100%

A week or so after hatching, asaento butterfly caterpillars begin to act strangely, sleeping often and eating so much that their magi's garden has become almost bare. One day, the little one slinks down in between a few full leaves, out of the breeze. Suddenly, it bursts into flames and is quickly devoured in the small inferno. Yet the leaves and flowers around it are not damaged at all, not even singed. Left in the caterpillar's place is a pile of ashes. The ashes begin to move, changing color and melting together. Not ten minutes later, a graceful butterfly is sitting beneath the leaves, cleaning itself. Its body and wings are black as coal, with fiery markings threading through to the edges, moving and glistening like magma within rock. Its wings, limp and brushing against the ground, soon become stiff and strong. With a little flutter, flames sprout from the edges of the wings. The butterfly tests its new wings and power of flight by floating up to your shoulder on a soft wind. Its flames don’t even touch your cloak, completely controlled by the asaento butterfly. If it feels the need, though, this companion will turn its gift into a weapon, burning those who would harm it. As it ages, the butterfly will control this power even more, and offer those who ask help, by starting flames and perfecting fire spells.

Asaento butterflies are prized companions, as many appreciate their beauty, but they are especially loved by fire magi. Their masterful control over this element is a highly desired power. Magi who have studied for years and dedicated their life to mastering the power of fire are not as skilled as one of these companions. Asaento butterflies are helpful creatures, and work well with other fire creatures, magnifying their magic. These small companions befriend easily, as their personalities are friendly and cheerful. Asaento butterflies lay their eggs in any shelter they can find late in the fall, usually high in a tree or some secret place in the castle. When spring finally approaches, the eggs begin to hatch. They are one of the first creatures to awaken after winter, their warm bodies suited to the chilly first days of spring. A few late snowstorms have little effect on them, as they heat themselves with magic. When first born, asaento butterflies are ravenous, but still finicky. Magi always have their favorite meals growing in the garden, and new foods are constantly introduced. They are most lovely creatures to behold, with their flaming wings leaving trails of light behind them. At night, you can see flocks of them dancing in the gardens, spirals of fire twisting and twining together in their wake. Often, magi will train their butterflies to perform air shows. The butterflies are more than happy to comply, as they love to create shapes in the night air with their multi-colored flames.

Sprite art: Lazuli | Description: Lazuli