Frozen Male Hatchling

Frozen Male Hatchling
Name: Squeaky
Species: White Soladis Swan
Birthday: Saturday, February 4, 2012
Owner: Byakugan01

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Stage Progress: 7.27%
Overall Progress: 51.19%

When they are first born, soladis swan hatchlings remain close to their parents, seldom leaving the nest. In a week or two the cygnets become stronger and more active. Soon enough they band into little groups, determined to explore everywhere. Though these little birds usually remain close to the water, from time to time they decide to bombard the castle. They run in and out of classrooms, and though they disrupt lessons, no one attempts to stop the hatchlings. This is because an adult is never too far behind the little ones, keeping an eye out for danger. If someone touches a hatchling, the adult swan won't hesitate to peck the offender. Eventually, the hatchlings will wear themselves out, converge on the adult, and fall fast asleep.

Soladis swans are well known throughout the world, and many people come from afar to visit them. These beautiful birds generally keep to themselves, but allow people to gaze at them from a distance. Sometimes a soladis swan will allow a person to approach them. This is a rare occurrence, and the privileged person is always seeking counsel on matters of the heart. The advice of these birds is highly sought after, as it is helpful and effective. This is because these lovely companions are able to control and even alter memories. This magic has never been replicated, which is fortunate, as any human with such power would be tempted to misuse it. Soladis swans are very selective when using their magic, though, and call upon it only when they deem it necessary. Black soladis swans take joy in offering their help to those who have recently lost a loved one. The mourner will sit by the edge of the river or lake for a few hours and then leave, usually clutching a handful of precious feathers. These feathers are gifted sparingly, to comfort those who need it most. White soladis swans bring a different sort of happiness. Their feathers are thought to invoke feelings of attraction, and to strengthen those that already exist. It's a common sight to see a young man requesting a few feathers from a white soladis swan, to help him woo a love. The bird will sometimes offer advice, gifting the knowledge directly into the person's mind. Unions that come about with a soladis swan's aid are known to be very successful.