Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Name: unnamed
Species: Azure Liyan
Birthday: Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Owner: Tinni

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A few tufts of wild blue fur are sticking out from the top of this egg.

Along the northern edge of the forest of Raza live very beautiful, strange creatures. These companions are mentioned briefly in a few rare texts, and until recently lived in perfect solitude. They are the liyans, and they are perfectly suited to the dangerous environment that is their home. In the wild, they frequent the savannas and grasslands found around the jungle, and their nocturnal natures help them to be rarely seen. Their dark blue coloring allows them to stalk the jungle at night, preying on lesser creatures and dominating the land. If any animal is foolish enough to attack them, a liyan will easily repel them with superior strength, sharp claws, and teeth. Their horns are not to be ignored, either; it rests high on their foreheads, the same blue color as their manes. Even when first born they possess these powerful horns, weapons to protect themselves with. These large cats have no need to defend themselves at The Keep, of course, but they do love to travel, and spend many months among their wild brethren. It is interesting that liyans born and raised at the castle have no trouble striking friendship when they meet wild liyans. This is not usually the case with magical companions. After a few mock fights, the two beasts will share the land and come to accept each other, engaging in games and hunting alongside one another.