Frozen Female Hatchling

Frozen Female Hatchling
Name: Irisviel From Fate Zero
Species: Thylacine
Birthday: Monday, September 20, 2010
Owner: Anonymous

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Stage Progress: 1.17%
Overall Progress: 54.46%

One has to be careful playing with a thylacine hatchling – although the same size as a pup, and as playful, these creatures have nasty bites. It is important to teach these younglings the power behind their teasing nips and yanks at a young age. More than one expensive robe has fallen prey to an excited thylacine hatchling. As is often the case, it is better to let older thylacines take this pup into the woods, to learn to hunt on its own. This is just as well, as it seems this little one is constantly hungry, and keeping up with its demands for food is beyond your capabilities. It is important to sate their hunger, lest they wander off and take advantage of any nearby farms, angering the village folk. Thylacines are notorious for adventuring too far, and this hatchling is much the same. No corner of the castle is untouched when these small ones start exploring. A bath is often in order after a hatchlings adventure, as they often return to you covered in muck. Washed clean, you can see that they have warm tan fur, with the same dark stripes that the adults possess.

Much like hyenas, thylacines are thought to be strange mixtures of animals, creatures that do not exist naturally. This is true, for they could not exist without the aid of magic. A great magi once took it upon himself to create a new species, to see if he could create companions to better serve him. The result was a creature that resembled both a tiger, with its striped back, and a dog. This experiment, while successful, was frowned upon when some thylacines left to live in the wild. Their numbers dwindled inside The Keep, and eventually they were all but forgotten. Most thought them to be nothing more than lore, creatures from stories meant to amuse. Meanwhile, the wild thylacines thrived and kept the species alive, having no natural predators. These wild thylacines were considered to be pests, irritating the nearby farmers and stealing what livestock they could. This almost led to their extinction, as they were hunted for being dangerous menaces. It was not for many years that it was recognized that they possessed powerful magic. Many centuries had passed since the death of their creator, and it was not until recently that documents were discovered telling of these ancient companions. A few magi set out to procure a thylacine egg, which proved to be no easy task, but ultimately, they succeeded. This laid to rest the rumors that were spreading throughout The Keep, and the thylacines took their place at The Keep once more.