Female Hatchling

Female Hatchling
Name: unnamed
Species: Light Saebra Unicorn
Birthday: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Owner: Shadowfax278
Mother: Alexa
Father: unnamed

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Stage Progress: 36.90%
Overall Progress: 64.50%

When these new hatchlings first came to The Keep, everyone was curious about them. It was quickly discovered that they are very shy, and prefer to keep their own company. So a new field was created specifically for them, and that is where one can find the saebra unicorn hatchlings. These hatchlings are much like other foals, eating often and remaining close to their mothers. Every saebra unicorn has a slightly different horn, and even saebra hatchlings can recognize one another from their horn. These horns are powerful weapons, capable of ripping through flesh with ease. It is important to teach any unicorn how powerful they are. An activity every hatchlings enjoys is playing with one another. The games these little companions make up are fun to watch; they chase one another, then one will completely disappear from sight. After searching, the other foal will eventually find their playmate and the game will continue, with their roles reversed. Saebra unicorn hatchlings do not play often with their magi, and bonding is a difficult process.

Despite how often magi travel, there still remain many undiscovered lands. These lands remain unexplored for one reason or another; the territories are too dangerous to traverse, the native people are hostile, the temperatures unbearable... One such region lies south of Voltar, where the sun burns too hot and the sands offer no nourishment. Only a few people choose to live there, strange people who know secret ways of the desert. Every year a few of these people leave their homes to trade with foreigners. These merchants are interesting people, very tan and dressed all in white robes. Their hair is so light as to be nearly white, and their customs seem strange. But despite their strange appearances, these people speak many tongues and are quite learned. They bring many items with them; spices, trinkets, books... but the last visit produced something much more interesting. They claimed to have found the first companion from their lands, a creature that resembles a unicorn. The magi paid a high price for this creature, and only a few magi have one to raise. These companions are most beautiful, slender horses covered with fine stripes. They look much like the unicorns already at The Keep, except they are smaller, thinner, and perhaps even more agile. They are called saebra unicorns, and are fascinating companions. The magi hope to learn much from them, and their appearance has sparked debate over whether there are still more varieties of unicorns in far off lands. It is has been discovered already that the saebra unicorns power is one of sight: they have the ability to stand still and disappear into the scenery, despite their bold colors. Saebra unicorns also conjure mirages, realistic sights that when approached fade away into nothing.

Sprite art: BettyxMe/GlassWalker | Description: Damien