Adult Male

Adult Male
Name: unnamed
Species: Karera Gangurru
Birthday: Saturday, September 1, 2018
Owner: paige201208

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Gangurru adults have a complicated community, having a hierarchy based on skill in racing, jumping, and obstacle courses in frequent competitions. Before an important competition, gangurru will spend time with family re-painting and adding onto the designs in their fur, and sometimes, if a magi is close enough to their gangurru, right before the competition the gangurru will approach their magi with a pot of dye and request a handprint to be added to their design.

Possessing no magical powers, instead gangurru have developed very muscular, agile bodies and powerful legs to survive the grass plains of Foenara. They can grow up to ten feet tall and are hard to miss in the open plains. Instead of a camouflage covering, they are born with bright coats and even brighter designs on their bodies. As they grow, these designs begin to fade, but gangurru have become adept at creating vibrant dyes which they use to paint over their faded markings. Gangurru are extremely competitive creatures, and have races, high jumps, and obstacle course races for special privileges within the group, such as first choice of foods, the shadiest resting spots, and extra grooming and painting attention. Veterans will participate in these competitions to determine leadership within the group. Before such a competition, gangurru may spend hours with their close relatives touching up the paint on their bodies, adding to the designs and creating intricate swirls. Some say there is a story to be told within the intricate designs painted on a gangurru, and with each day there may be a new stroke added, a new story to tell.

Sprite art: Mysfytt | Description: Lazuli