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Getula Ophidian #978


At about a yard long, the ophidians of the Grass Forest are hardly the most threatening constrictors in the world. But they may well be the boldest. Most varieties sport bright colors usually reserved for venomous snakes, and even the plainer ones will hiss threateningly or strike in imitation of their deadlier kin. Their bravado is mostly for show however; strikes are invariably near-misses, and if pushed they will grudgingly make way. Unless, of course, the creature pushing happens to be smaller than the ophidian. Far be it from them to deny a determined meal.


Faint speckles adorn this mossy green egg.


Ophidian hatchlings are curious and fearless, happily poking at anything new they find. Fortunately for them they are also lightning-fast, and have a magical talent for escape. No one has actually seen them use this talent, but turn your back on a confined ophidian for more than a few seconds, and they will be out of it when you look again. Frequent changes to their habitat, especially puzzle-items with some treat inside, are an decent way to keep them from wandering too much, but anybody raising one should still expect to find the small snake tucked in a shoe or coat-pocket from time to time.


Ophidians are more contemplative as adults, but no less curious, and always on the lookout for a meal. Rodents are their primary prey, and it's not uncommon for farmers to have a few in their granary to keep out pests. Anything smaller than them is fair game though, so care must be taken to keep them away from hatcheries, as their ability to break out of confined spaces also works for breaking into them. While they have no venom of their own, they are immune to that of other snakes, so even a small krotalos or Raza cobra is a potential meal. In fact, the ophidians seem to consider the venomous snakes a special treat.


Obtained from: Quest, Grass Forest
Breeding: No
Renaming cost: 2000 gold
Release date: March 19th 2019

Sprite art: Jrap17 | Description: Myrin

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