Hi! Been ghosting.

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Hi! Been ghosting.

Postby SoSand » January 13th, 2019, 12:49:56 am

I've been here for a little while and finally decided to say hello!
I'm usually scared of forums because I make one mistake or another, so I do not post often. Sometimes, though, I get the feeling I should post and make some friends. It feels like I moved into a neighborhood (this game) and not come out of my house since I moved in. Here I am now!
I enjoy roleplay, though I have not done much outside of direct messaging on apps. I enjoy chatting more, over current events or cool pets or lore! I really enjoy world-building, so I adore lore. My one and only post besides this one is actually about a lore discussion topic....
I hope I haven't done anything wrong here and I am nervous just to press submit! I hope I can make some cool online friends here and raise the best pets.
Thank you for reading.... Sorry I took so long to post.
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Re: Hi! Been ghosting.

Postby AnimeGeekDragon » January 15th, 2019, 4:08:20 pm

Heyo SoSand! I totally feel you on being scared of forums. I don't think I've ever posted an introduction lmao. There are a lot of really nice people in this community (I promise they don't bite...maybe jk).

Don't you worry about doing anything wrong. You haven't done anything wrong plus it takes a lot of courage to post sometimes
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Re: Hi! Been ghosting.

Postby 0009 » March 2nd, 2019, 12:05:09 pm

aw, i can relate with my post but... well, eventually one would be forced to move out of their shell, regardless of your feelings towards the topic. i hope we could be friends. i'm open on any messaging app, and hey, i think having an interest with lore and i'm looking to get back into roleplaying. welcome to magicstream, by the way! i joined about yesterday. let's talk. i won't bite, ;3 promise.
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Re: Hi! Been ghosting.

Postby Magigirl24 » March 14th, 2019, 5:00:11 pm

Welcome to magistream, and I'm with everyone else saying it takes awhile to get used to doing certain things like posting and overcoming the shyness we all feel at first on new websites. So, I hope your enjoying your time on here so far and if you ever need any help with anything feel free to ask.
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Re: Hi! Been ghosting.

Postby Savannah1889 » March 15th, 2019, 1:57:34 pm

Welcome! :D
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