Caliginous Pool - The Crown of the Kirin

Caliginous Pool - The Crown of the Kirin

Postby Aufheben » July 2nd, 2017, 11:16:28 pm

After reluctantly opting to forsake my pursuit of novel folklore as a result of consistently fruitless ventures, I began to make my way homeward over the Alasre Mountains. While navigating about the skies there emerged a sudden thunderstorm, and my mount was forced to descend into the craggy highlands. While the rain and sleet hounded us in ceaseless volleys as we sought the sanctuary of a sheltered alcove, we were fortunate enough to chance upon a hermitess who was kind enough to share her cabin. I warmed myself by a smoldering crucible, which I can only assume was being used for alchemical purposes at the time. In my final desperate attempt to lift lore from the land, I begged her to consign to me even a table scrap of mythos to help sate my appetite for enlightenment. Though she mulled my request over for quite some time, I was at last generously entrusted with a tale that has allegedly known countless generations and ancient forefathers. With an audience that comprised only of myself and my mount, the hermitess recounted a story about an enigmatic pool that supposedly exists deep within the Silva Forest. My knowledge of this location has been pieced together solely from a motley of rumors - I found the results quite interesting when I was finally able to compare the hermitess’ story to those that I have heard while visiting The Keep.

"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell" - C. G. Jung

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