Nandi Bear x Avrael = Bugbear

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Nandi Bear x Avrael = Bugbear

Postby Yoyosoul » March 4th, 2017, 8:54:02 pm


Despite the name bugbears are not related to any bugs, instead their bug like features is the result of a mating between a nandi bear and an avrael. These creatures are less aggressive and confrontational than their nandi bear parents preferring to keep to the shadows of forests. Like their avrael parents they possess wind magic but cannot use it to fly, instead they use it to perform limited illusions by warping the air. These creatures are very protective of the young and often use their powers to help guide children lost in the woods to safety or scare away adults from young creatures. Do to this fact and their shy nature they have earned a reputation as malicious tricksters and are often used to discourage children from going into the woods alone. However, magi find them to be ideal for guarding eggs and hatchlings as they prove themselves to be as fierce as their nandi bear parents to anyone foolish enough to try and steal from them.


A brown egg sits in front of you with small, transparent wings sticking out.


Young bugbear hatchlings can be something of a menace. They are still small enough for their wings and wind magic to carry them and can get themselves into the most peculiar of places. They love to jump and claw at just about anything they can get their small paws on and many a magi have expressed frustration over the losses they have suffered. As time goes on, however, they slowly become too heavy for their wings and magic to carry and start take on a more quite lifestyle.


Though elusive and quite, adult bugbears are very loyal and attached to their magi. Happiest when around eggs and hatchlings, these creatures can be found congregating around hatcheries. A magi searching for their bugbear only needs to find the nearest hatchery for their missing companion. Though they warmly greet their magi, if there are no creatures in need of their care with them they are quick to wander off again. Though these creatures are warm to their magi they are hostel to everyone else, even people whom their magi share close ties with, though they will only attack when the young are threatened. For this reason many magi often create an area specifically for the bugbears to guard their eggs and hatchlings away from the rest of the keep.
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