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Caeralis X Karcharos Shark

Postby Ragefish » March 3rd, 2017, 6:51:29 pm

Backflip Freddy

The story:

One fateful day, Backflip Barry, a male Karcharos Shark, was peacefully swimming…..alone. As he was swimming, his best friend Freddy Fin the Caeralis.

“Heyyyyyyyyy!” said Freddy Fin. “You look lonely.”

Backflip Barry was suddenly overwhelmed by Freddy Fin’s magnificent fins and stunning Freddy-ness. Both Backflip Barry and Freddy Fin stared into each other’s eyes as they swam closer…and closer…

This egg backflips 24/7 and whispers “…freddddddy…” at night.

The love child of Freddy Fin and Backflip Barry has become the incredible, the amazing, Teen Backflip Freddy. Teen Backflip Freddy is simply awe-inspiring. With the head of Freddy and the backflipping body of Backflip Barry, Backflip Freddy is ready to take on the world.

As Teen Backflip Freddy ages and becomes Adult Backflip Freddy, nothing changes, because Backflip Freddy is still a child at heart.


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