Vitrium X viridis crab

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Vitrium X viridis crab

Postby vipor » March 3rd, 2017, 6:13:23 pm

Sayos/jareen vitrium x Viridis crab

seems like a small strawberry

A small rotting strawberry with a insect head peeking out, the strawberry would be lengthwise for the little one to hide as much of their body in.

A short body with small pinchers as first set of legs, the second set is slightly longer wich are armored like that of a crab. The third set, while armored like a crab are the longest. If it would stand on all sets they would be tilted with their head aimed at the ground. The back set can bend like that of a grasshopper.
They have two sets of wings. The first pair is rounded and folds over the back wings to imitate a shell. The second set is longer and is actually used for flying. The first set does not fully covor the back wings and have the apearance of a strawberry.

The legs and head of the creature is green like a stalk while the back is either red with yellow specks (sayos parent) or white with black specks (jareen parent)

Basicly the back resemble either common strawberry or a white strawberry.

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