(light) Narwal x Korez seal = Narez

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(light) Narwal x Korez seal = Narez

Postby vipor » March 3rd, 2017, 5:58:39 pm

A hybrid between the three narwalls and the korez seals.

Basicly a sleeker and longer seal than the korez seal with longer tails. On their backs they will have a small row of spikes following their spines and males will have a horn on their head, about half as long as that of a narwal.
Their fur is soft grey with triangle spots making it seem the creature is covered compleetly with spikes.

Their fur will start out white, no horns/spikes and a few triangle spots covering their fur.

A white egg with several stiangle spots.

Stream narwal parent
The spots on the fur will be dark grey and the horns/spikes dark grey.

Shop narwal parent
The spots on the fur will be light grey and the horns/spikes white.

Event narwal parent
The spots on the fur will be golden like the horns/spikes.

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