❅ ahuizotl + silvan otter = vydra ❅

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❅ ahuizotl + silvan otter = vydra ❅

Postby salt » February 27th, 2017, 7:40:02 am

complete !!
by laughingidiot <3

❅ general
Vydras appear most commonly during the summer and winter solstices, and if a student is lucky enough to witness their mating rituals, it is said that they will be blessed in their studies for the rest of the term. These usually consist of aggressive fighting between two males, with the victor being claimed as a mate by the female who is watching. Though they are not the most friendly of creatures, vydras are loyal to their magi, and will fight tooth and nail to protect their own young. They prey on small fish and aquatic invertebrates, and the largest of these creatures can grow to be over two meters in length, surpassing the smaller silvan otters. With the unique ability to manipulate the flow of water currents, vydras are able to swim even faster than their ahuizotl parents, and reportedly can even keep up with leviathans for a short amount of time.

❅ egg
Snow white fur covers this translucent egg, and it feels cold to the touch.

❅ hatchling
Vydra hatchlings are lively and spirited, and are quite a handful to raise, given that they never seem to lose their curiosity of the unknown. They do not particularly like socializing with different species outside of their own, but a morsel of food might be able to convince them otherwise. Magi with these companions must be extremely observant, for these pups are prone to running off whenever they feel like it, which is unfortunately most of the time. They enjoy mock-fighting with each other, and though they might come away with a couple of scratches, it is best not to get involved between two young vydras, because you might end up coming away with the most injuries.

❅ adult
Once matured, adult vydras become more independent and seek freedom from their magi. Males are easily distinguished from the females by the long golden spines that jut out from their backside, though they are equal in strength and size. Their fur is a striking pure white, as they have no need for camouflage; these creatures can easily take care of themselves if need be. The older they get, the more volatile they become, and this is likely the reason why they spend most of their adulthood within bodies of water they have chosen as their home, though they still maintain close relationships with the ones who raised them. Along with their sharp claws and startling speed, vydras possess significant power over water currents, and anyone foolish enough to anger a vydra might find themselves in serious danger when swimming in their territory.

thank you again slipstream for edits <3

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Re: ❅ ahuizotl + silvan otter = vydra ❅

Postby LaughingIdiot » March 5th, 2017, 12:59:54 am

I love the concept of these guys! Thanks for letting me illustrate them! :D <3
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