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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby ZhaaliQuartz » May 10th, 2018, 9:46:32 am

[center]My Wishlist

Username: ZhaaliQuartz
Birthday: Oct 31



Shop: The new crystalwings from the Water and Herbalist shops

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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Zoa » May 10th, 2018, 7:14:35 pm

My Wishlist

Username: Zoa
Birthday: May 2
(Earth Monkey, Taurus)

I would like...
Any Bronze Sonerus Dragon
(may become part of my Raicleach Clan)

Any Sonerus Dragon

Any Puvia
(may become part of the Rainbow Connection)

Any ape-type creatures
Calvaras Monkey
ImageImage Image

Wildfire Teropith

Adelpha & Polyura Papio

Imperator Tamarin
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Thanks to all for the wonderful gifts.
Especially MS-staff - for all 5 Krampen Beests!!!
Have a safe & happy Yuletide.

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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby WolfyWolf » May 10th, 2018, 11:26:35 pm

My Wishlist

Birthday: March 25th

I took a few years hiatus missing roughly all 2014-2016 events I think? and so this in large part is that, but also just guilds I'm not a part of or haven't saved up enough for everyone yet, doni's I missed and love. If a creature is listed without any specifications (and really, I'm not going to be that particular anyway as trades and gender potions are a thing) then I don't have any! Otherwise, a lot of this is just a list for myself for completing sets.

AshallaynTallyn, I definitely borrowed your template, so I will be sending you some good stuff off your list when not egglocked ;)

Missed Events:


It looks like I was gone roughly 2013-2016, so likely Event Creatures I missed (vague, I know; I'm going to sort through)
[Current editing in progress]
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby ZaraTina » May 13th, 2018, 3:10:56 pm

My Wishlist

Username: ZaraTina

I would like... a vasant beetle and a moss snail egg, unfrozen. I'm going for the hidden path quest, and I need those two since I (stupidly) froze both of the eggs I currently have. However, I do have a vosmari.
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Ferrari » May 15th, 2018, 6:29:08 am

Hi @ all!
My wishlist is short: Farirs for Ferrari please.
I have 9 presents so far...

[center]My Wishlist

Username: Ferrari


I'm selling:
user/Ferrari/For-sale / LTB Farir (500g) Herbalist shop creatures + 200 gold, PM if interested

Please DON'T click any hatchlings in my keep.

13/25 presents
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Magics » July 22nd, 2018, 12:26:15 am

My Wishlist

Username: Magics
Birthday: September 26th


Winged Cats • Yatagarasu Ravens • Koredanuki • Telvian Panthers • Ammits • Krotalos • Any kind of bat • Meowl Hatchlings

Borean Luteus Owls • Water Serendin • Earth Serendin • Numbul • Spirit Deer • Glass Phoenix

Os Ravens • Phoenix & Husky Simurghs • Pygmy Crystalwings & Gemdragons

Aurean Globefish

Rose Imps! (any) • Berry Dynastis • Western Cyan Pittax

Dusk Bunnies • Blue Crystalwing • Magiversary Crystalwings (any) • Tinsel Wyrm • Umber Arkai • Fire Arkai • Nova Arkai • Duckits • Pygmy Phoenixes • Pocket Sylphs • Giant Sylphs • Swirled Winged Cats • Wikken Cats • Calidaes Reindeer • Ice Kitsune • Ornamental Rockhopper Penguin • Puple Pteira Crystalwing • Golden Pteira Crystalwing • Prasinis Wyrm • Jackolopes (especially hatchlings)

Vermillion Heligre • Masked Heligre • Filigree Cat • Calico Tienko • Temple Cat • Kuras Tiger • Coria Alagos • Amarth Alagos • Mountain Tylluan • Nazar Owl • Adremeri • Dark Atramentum • Light Atramentum • Northern Light Fox • Peryton • Voro Manticore • Timber Wolf • Solar Fox • Lunar Fox • Sanus • Eclipse Spectral Wolf • Moonlight Spectral Wolf • Verikan • Aerum Kirin • Azure Liyan • Synara Nekomata • Alasre Nekomata • Light Zalon • Light Voliton • Blue/Green Mendota • Light Vanx • Dark Vanx • Tigershark • Alucinari • Thylacine • White Ice Dragon • Glaucus Meurin

I love lineage creatures!
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Unfa » August 1st, 2018, 1:00:42 am

My Wishlist

Username: Unfa
Birthday: September 10th

I am a simple person. I love cats. I'd love any cat or cat-like creature. Cats are the best.
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"See you around, kid." - Luke Skywalker


My latest work: Image! More found here: 27-hall-of-the-arts/222709-unfa-s-terrible-pixel-art-collection.html.
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Faleep » August 2nd, 2018, 1:35:34 am

My wishlist
Username Faleep
Birthday june 22

    Unfrozen Ammit hatchlings
    Potootoes of all kinds!
    Any critters released after the Feather drakes
    Aurora Puvia
    Rabbitsune <3

    Doni's (SB or First gen preferably)
    Northern Light Fox
    Blue Emperor Phoenix
    Dreamcatcher Amphithere
    Voltarian Phoenix
    Collared Stoat
    Ghost Leopard
    Filigree Cat
    Sunburst Kirin
    Lunar Eclipse Kirin
    Ethereal Lantern Goat

I also collect;
    foxes, any and all - Stream/shop born preferably, but for quest/event/doni, first and second gen ones will be loved too. - particularly looking for Red/Black foxfire Skulks.
    SB and 1st gen Swirled winged cats
    Anything space/sky themed
-I prefer things SB, but 1st and 2nd gens of retired critters will be just as loved

I love getting art, especially of my favorite critters and my OC's! Feel free to pester me about them and gift me art right now my DA is a Wip cause I'm making a new one, in the process of uploading stuff

Gold; Im always in need of gold, who isn't?
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creatures for sale in my sale tabs! Pm for prices
i sell shards at 35k each! PM me for more information.
hatch the babies! :D

Codes for people who want them;

i collect/army SB Ammit hatchlings and SB Potootoes
my wishlist,
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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby Ardroth » August 11th, 2018, 12:06:03 am

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Re: Wishlists All Around

Postby paige201208 » August 14th, 2018, 7:27:04 am

My Wishlist

Username: Paige201208
Birthday: 8th March




I would like... to thank you for any help <3
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