Why not a tree~ XD

Why not a tree~ XD

Postby Zzela » October 31st, 2012, 8:16:06 pm

Seriously, why not...

Erm. Good evening, dear Magi, I wanted to say :lol: <3

So, I remember I made a Totoro Cat-Bus pumpkin last year, for a similar contest on here, and this time I have decided to try with something calmer. The quality of my photos is surely not the best on Earth, but still, I hope the needed details are more or less visible.

All the pictures are below. They are displayed as tiny images not to take a huge space here in the thread, so please simply click on the photo you'd like to view to see its normal size. If you like, please look through all the photos, as different details can be seen from various angles.

With light

In the dark

Well, hope you like it =) It was fun to make, although it took me half the night ^^;

Thank you for your attention!
And happy Halloween, everyone! <3

Image Image Image

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Re: Why not a tree~ XD

Postby MightyOak » October 31st, 2012, 8:44:46 pm

Wow! Very cool!
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