First Blush-A fluffy slash

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First Blush-A fluffy slash

Postby BBkat » December 31st, 2011, 3:00:37 pm

Yes, this is a slash fic. And for the record, it's the first slash-y thing I've ever written. (So if it sucks, that's why)
It (sort of) was spawned from trying to flesh out Beauregard's back-story. I didn't have much worked out about him just that over the course of his life he'd had several "relationships" (one time flings mostly) with both men and women and it somehow worked its way into the first time he found himself attracted to a man.
Yeah, idk either. :t-shrug: But, it got into my head and just would not leave me alone, so I wrote it.

Also, I started this thing over like, half a dozen times before I got a beginning that I actually liked. (I am pleased with the title though and some aspects of the story) Also, it looked better with the indents. You can also read it on my dA here.

Beauregard('bow-regard') Beau('bow') (It's bow as in, bow-tie) In case you were wondering on name pronunciation.


First Blush

"Hey, it's time to get up, time to get to work…Oi, wake up sleepy head…Beau wake up!"
Beauregard opened an eye and looked up into a familiar face. "Beau? That's a new one Dorian," said the demon as he sat up, one head on his hand.
The man gave a sheepish grin, "I had to get you up somehow."
The demon's lizard-like pupils narrowed in the bright morning sunlight that streamed into the room from the open window. "I slept in didn't I?" he asked as he pulled himself out of bed. "Why do you keep letting me sleep in like this?"
Dorian just flashed him a wry smile as he stood by the door, "You're cute when you sleep. Now get properly dressed get your tail, and the rest of you, out in the main room."
The door shut behind him with a click. "And dress warmly, we got a frost last night so it's cold outside," he called from the other side of the door.

Beauregard sighed, he'd been shacked up with the half demon and his merry gang of pickpockets or 'common thieves' as Dorian put it, since his arrival to the busy city.
On his first day there he'd made the mistake of walking outside after dark and was jumped by a pair of bandits. He ended up unintentionally impressing Dorian with his skill with a blade while defending himself and the man gave him a place to stay in exchange for some tips. At least that's what Dorian had said anyways.
When the demon questioned him on the difference between what his group did and what the bandits did to people Dorian was quick to point out that he never brought harm to any one, they simply lightened their purses. Somehow he convinced him to stay with them and help especially after it became clear that a demon wasn't going to find much work.

He looked towards the door, he'd never called him 'Beau' before and yet for some reason he didn't mind the nickname at all. He shook his head quickly, trying to rid the warm blush that had crept over his face at the thought.

"What happened, you fall back asleep in there?" asked Aya, the only female of Dorian's group.
He just shook his head and glanced around the room, Dorian was no where to be seen.
"Don't worry, he'll be back in a few minutes," she said. "He's waking the others up."
"I'm not worried," he said quickly. "Just surprised he's not here."
She just chuckled and shook her head before returning to her meal, "Your food's there," she indicated to the plate on the table, "You better finish before he gets back."
Half way through his meal Dorian returned and clapped Beauregard on the shoulder, "So, you ready?" he asked.
"Ready for what?" he asked, looking up at the grinning man.
"I have a job to do so I need you to keep a look out for me. Think you can do that?"
"Uh I think so." Beauregard tried to keep from stumbling over his words as he suddenly found himself nervous. Look out, that couldn't be too hard as all he had to do was just stay up high and make sure he wasn't discovered, a simple enough task.

He shivered as he stood on the roof of the first building; Dorian was right it was cold outside. A thin layer of frost and ice coated the roof tops and a dusting of snow covered the ground and the chill nipped at his exposed fingers and ears.
His breath fogged in the cold air as he exhaled and took off in a brisk trot across the roof tops.
As the end of the roof he was on came into sight he prepared to jump the small gap to the next roof. As he landed on the other roof he hit a patch of ice and lost his footing and stumbled to one side and the next thing he knew he was falling. There was no time for him to grab the edge; by the time he realized what was happening the edge was out of reach. He twisted around in the air before he hit the ground below, a sickening crunch splitting the air and a blinding pain ripping through him. In recoil his head hit the ground painfully; a howl of pain freed itself from his throat.

Dorian heard the cry and the crash and ran in the direction of it, his job could wait. Beauregard lay in a collapsed heap on the group, his left leg lay twisted in an awkward position and was badly torn open.
"Beau, Beau!" He ran towards the unmoving demon, his voice ringing with fear and nervousness. As he neared he could see blood pooling around his head where it had slammed into the ground. He placed a hand on his shoulder and the demon stirred slightly in reaction to his touch. That was a good sign; he was still alive and slightly conscious. "Beau, can you hear me?" he asked hands shaking as he spoke to him.
Beauregard mumbled something incoherent and closed his eyes again, plain blinding his vision and clouding his mind as the darkness finally won over and everything just blinked out around him.


A gentle hand lay against his head, smoothing his hair in a gentle manner and another hand was resting on his. He looked around through half open slits, his vision hazy and blurred. His head felt like it was tingling oddly and he couldn't figure out why. He could hear a faint voice talking to him from somewhere beside him though it sounded so far away. It sounded familiar, but in his daze he couldn't quite place it.
He tried to speak but all that he could manage was a string of incoherent gibberish.
"Let him rest," said a voice from his other side, a woman's voice. "He took a bad fall he needs his rest."
He tried to move, but his body ached and there was a stinging pain in his head. He gritted his teeth and made a painful groan.
"Don't try to move, you're in bad shape there Beau."
He finally placed the voice, it was Dorian's! He opened his eyes to look at the half demon who was seated beside him, both hands now resting in his lap though there was a look of worry on his face. He tried to sit up, only to be gently pushed back down by the nurse, and Dorian shook his head.
He tried to speak, but once again nothing but gibberish came out. Dorian chuckled, "Just rest, don't try to speak. You broke your leg in the fall, the doctor tried to reset the bones but it's pretty bad," said Dorian. "Plus you took a nasty whack to the head when you landed. It broke one of your horns."
Instinctively he reached up and sure enough, one of his spiralling horns had been broken, the source of the strange tingling pain he'd been feeling-like a toothache but on his head.
"Do uh, horns like that grow back?" Beauregard shook his head; horns were not like antlers, they didn't grow back when broken. "Oh, well uh you can totally pull off that look. I think it's rather distinguishing on you."
Beauregard wanted to hide his face, trying to keep his cheeks from flushing. He twisted his head away slightly so Dorian couldn't see his face. These compliments, normally it wouldn't effect him to hear anything like that but hearing them from Dorian was different. He liked it when Dorian complimented him, and not because it was a compliment but because it was Dorian saying this. It left a warm feeling inside him.
Until this point the only thing that had turned his head was a lovely lady but ever since coming to this town and meeting Dorian, it had been the half demon that was on his mind and turning his head.
He couldn't understand it, why he was feeling like this towards, another man. It was, strange.
"Hey, you alright?' asked Dorian, placing a hand on his shoulder.
He inadvertently shied away from the touch, not because he didn't want to be touched, but because he'd startled him. Dorian drew his hand back when Beauregard flinched.
"I, did not mean to make you uncomfortable," he said, his voice almost upset.
Beau's ears flicked up at this and he shifted his position slightly so he could see him, "You didn't," he said, his voice wobbly as he finally managed a coherent and understandable sentence.
He gritted his teeth as a splintering pain shot up his leg when he moved to sit up. He doubled over, holding his leg in pain and uttered a painful cry.
Dorian placed his hands on Beauregard's shoulders gently as if to calm him, the demon's face was contorted in agony as he held his leg. Tears of pain beaded in his eyes and he shook trying to block the pain from his mind. "Beau, Beau," his voice was gentle as he spoke to him trying to calm him down. His hands moved from his shoulders to the sides of his face, holding him gently as he spoke, "Just listen to my voice Beau. It's going to be alright."
Beau trembled slightly as he found himself looking into the man's gentle brown eyes. He felt his heart skip a beat as he sat there, Dorian holding his face gently in his hands as he spoke to him in gentle tones, in a tone he'd never heard from him before.
"Try not to move to much, it'll hurt less if you don't move," he said stroking Beau's cheeks and brushing away the pained tears that had freed themselves from his eyes.
A slightly startled look crossed over Beau's face as the man's fingers brushed his cheek, and Dorian began to pull his hands away fearing he'd once again made the demon uncomfortable. Beauregard reached out and curled his hands around Dorian's. He blushed deeply and Dorian just smiled, allowing his fingers to twist around his as they sat there in silence.
"I can, call you Beau right?' he asked breaking the silence finally.
The demon just nodded, "That's, fine."

Despite being a demon and having swifter healing than a human, it still took Beauregard nearly a week to recover from his injuries, most of it was spent sitting in bed with his leg bandaged in a thick, heavy cast. Dorian made numerous private trips to visit him while he healed, playfully teasing him about the fact that he should have healed quickly being a full blooded demon.

"Just lean on my shoulder and you'll be fine," said Dorian, helping Beauregard to his feet, the cast having finally been removed.
Lack of use made his leg weak and he nearly collapsed when he tried to stand up. One arm was slung over Dorian's shoulders while Dorian had one arm around his back to help him stand without falling.
"Think you'll be strong enough to support me?" asked Beau with a cheeky grin.
"I'm not that weak Beau," he said. "Just because I'm not pureblooded like you doesn't mean that I'm weak." His voice was teasing and lighthearted as the two of them walked, Beauregard limping along as they walked.

Beauregard sighed heavily as he sat down, rubbing his leg. It throbbed with a dull ache, having been out of use for so long. "Walking never hurt so much," he said. He looked up at Dorian, who was leaning against the door frame to his room, arms folded across his chest, "You ever broken your leg?"
"Can't say that I have. I've busted my wrist in a fight and I've broken my nose. But I've never busted myself up as bad as you did," replied Dorian.
"I slipped ok. That roof was icy and I lost my footing. I thought we went over this."
Dorian grinned, "And you wonder why I tease. You make it so easy." His playful grin softened and he let his arms fall to his sides, "But really, I'm glad you're back. It was getting boring without you here."
Beauregard felt his cheeks warm and he tried to look away, Dorian had actually missed him. He looked up when he found a hand touching his head.
"You just focus on recovering alright Beau?" His hand moved down, brushing against his cheek as he spoke. His touch was gentle and comforting, almost caring. "You're a lot more fun when you can actually walk." He moved his hand at the sound of voices and movement outside, "The others are back. I'd better make sure they're fine."
As he watched him leave Beauregard felt a twisting in his chest, an almost yearning. He didn't want him to leave; he wanted him to stay just a bit longer.

It took nearly another week of limping and hobbling around, and words of encouragement from Dorian before Beauregard could walk without aid, though he still limped and hobbled.
"See, I told you that you could do it," said Dorian as the demon limped across the room to the dining table.
"It still hurts though. I never knew a healing leg could be so painful." He leaned on the door-frame to move weight off the sore leg.
"Never been injured before?"
He shook his head, "Not this badly. I've bruised myself sure, but never broken anything." He looked over at Dorian, "And I am not climbing on the roof again, at least not when it's coated in ice."
"Duly noted. Now come and sit down and have something to eat."
Beauregard had gotten only a few steps away from the door when he placed too much pressure on his leg. The pain returned and he stumbled, his leg giving out from under him. With nothing to grab onto he fell, and would have crashed to the floor had Dorian not caught him before he fell, the half demon's speed and reflexes startling him.
"You should be more careful," he said as he helped Beauregard right himself, one arm around his middle. As Beauregard righted himself in Dorian's hold he found himself face to face with the half demon, his heart up in his throat. "Are you alright?" asked Dorian.
"I'm fine, would have been worse if I'd actually fallen."
Dorian smiled, touching his face with one hand, "Good, I'd hate to see you hurt again." His hand drew the demon closer to him, his fingertips trailing along his jaw line.
Beauregard didn't shy at the touch, he didn't move or try to escape; he didn't want to. His hands rested on Dorian's shoulders, where he'd placed them to steady himself when the half demon helped him up. Something warm covered his mouth, a pair of lips pressed gently against his.
His heart missed a beat, but he didn't dare pull away lest this be a mere dream and he wake up from it. He blushed as he felt a gentle pressure on the back of his head, pressing their lips closer. Instinctively he held onto Dorian's shoulders, half to keep from falling again and half to keep himself from running away.
Dorian's hand rested against the back of his neck as his lips slide off the demon's. His fingers brushed against his skin lightly; a smile danced on his lips as they looked at each other, Beauregard trying to comprehend what had just happened.
Before he could put his thoughts into words Dorian was steering him in the direction of the table so he could sit. No sooner was he seated than the front door swung open and Aya came marching in followed by several others.
"We missed you out there today Dorian," she said.
"I was taking care of a friend," he said, one hand resting on Beauregard's shoulder.
She rolled her eyes; "I think he can look after himself for a couple hours."
Dorian just shrugged before going to inspect what they'd brought, he didn't appear to care what she thought.

Although he'd said he'd never go on the roof again, that is exactly where Beauregard found himself one evening, his nearly healed leg stretched out in front of himself.

"May I join you?" Dorian's face peered over the edge of the roof, the man standing on the stuff that Beau had used to get on the roof.
"O-Of course," he said, a little surprised that he was out here.
Dorian smiled and pulled himself up in one swift movement before making his way over to the demon's side.
"What're you doing up here?" asked Beauregard.
"Same as you, escaping the rowdy folks inside. With the amount of booze in there it'll get noisy and crazy pretty fast. I don't want to be part of that." Dorian grinned, "Besides I'd rather spend it with you." He placed his hand on Beau's, his fingers linking through his.
Beauregard blushed, despite it being nearly a week since Dorian had kissed him the man's affections confused him. He was confused because, while he actually liked it, it seemed odd coming from another man rather than a woman.
"Is this, normal?" he asked finally.
"Is what normal?"
"T-this. Being, like this?"
"It all depends. I have always found men more attractive than women. So for me, this is normal. What about you?"
Beauregard shrugged, "I'm not sure anymore. I mean, I was with a woman once but it didn't last. We were better as friends. I still talk to her from time to time."
"And yet you do not mind my company." Dorian brushed his fingers over his hand, his other hand tilting Beauregard's chin up, "So perhaps, that this is normal for you Beau."
A half smile creased his lips and he leaned over and kissed Dorian, "Perhaps you're right."
Dorian gave him a teasing grin, "Of course I am." Dorian's hands cupped Beau's face as they kissed again, the demon finally allowing his emotions to take over and push everything else out of his mind. His ears lay down against the side of his head in a relaxed manner, his hands running from Dorian's shoulders and down his chest, gripping his shirt tightly.
"This, may not be the best place for this," said Beauregard as their lips parted for a moment. "I for one do not feel like ending up back in an infirmary from falling off here."
Dorian seemed to smirk, "Well, then why don't we go somewhere, a little more comfortable, and warmer?" he suggested. "Like, inside?" His smirked turned to a wry grin and he leaned close, his lips hovering over his ear, "I'm sure we can find somewhere private for the two of us."
Beau felt his heart skip a beat and his face flush red.
"Speechless I see," he brushed a finger along his cheek, "Well, come on. With how drunk they are I doubt they'll notice us, hell they probably don't even know we're missing as it is."

He led Beau down off the roof and inside through a back door. They could hear noise from the main room of the building, rowdy drunken noise. Dorian motioned for him to follow, leading him towards a spare room.
"You sure they won't notice?" he asked.
"You heard them, you think those noisy birds will notice anything?" Dorian shook his head, "You need to relax and stop worrying so much." He put his hands on either side of his head, holding his face gently so he could look at him "Just relax alright?"
"I'm just, nervous, that's all," admitted Beauregard. "It's not like I've ever done this before."
He stroked his cheeks gently and smiled, "Like I said, relax a little." He kissed his forehead before pushing the door open and leading him inside.

The room muffled the sounds of the drunken party going on just down the hall from them. It was sparsely furnished, even more so than the rest of the building, having only the bare necessities.
"That bed does not look very comfortable," remarked Beauregard as Dorian double-checked the door, making sure it was locked properly so no one walked in on them.
"You make it sound as if we're going to be sleeping tonight," replied Dorian, winding his arms around his middle from behind and bringing his lips to Beau's neck.
He made a noise in surprise and felt his body shiver at the new touch.
"At least, if that is what you want," he said upon receiving no reply from the demon.
"I'm not really sure…" He knew what Dorian was getting at, though he wasn't sure how it would work with two men.
"I don't want to make you uncomfortable. If you don't want to, we don't have to." He moved his lips up to the edge of his jaw, "But I want you for myself tonight."
"I won't argue there," he said before their lips found one another's again and he kissed him back. "I don't feel like sharing tonight either."

Beauregard shifted his position slightly and looked at a sleeping Dorian who, despite all his talk earlier, had been a lot more tired than he'd let on. One arm was draped across his stomach as he lay on his back, dressed only in his trousers. And he was snoring, a sound that made Beau snicker at first. While he could elegant doing the simplest of tasks, he looked anything but that now.
He smiled as he rested his hand in Dorian's other hand as he closed his eyes, lying on his side as he drifted off to sleep, the sounds from the other room having died down quite a bit by this point.
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Re: First Blush-A fluffy slash

Postby BBkat » February 17th, 2012, 2:11:28 am

This has since spawned several more pieces after it, I will try and get those up, preferably in chronological order. I have at 2 that need to be typed.
Also, feedback/crit is welcome.

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Re: First Blush-A fluffy slash

Postby Glacial » February 23rd, 2012, 1:46:11 am

I saw this on the second page, so I went ahead and read. Daww, you've done a great job considering that this was your first slash fic. Not that I'd know any better, though.

I have to say, though. Commas. When you kinda-sorta bumped this piece back up, you should have looked through it again. There are a lot, even with your style of writing, which makes no sense to me because Black Rose was posted later but was better about the commas. xD; The end was fine but the beginning...not so much.

I have to say that Beau is an interesting name choice. What prompted you to choose Beau as a name?

Is this connected in any way to BR or are these two just some of your OC's? If it is, I'll keep that in mind. xD
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Re: First Blush-A fluffy slash

Postby BBkat » February 23rd, 2012, 2:03:16 am

Yeah, I had serious issues with the beginning, it took me forever to even get a start that I actually liked. I'll go back and proofread it and make some adjustments though(commas, my bane I'm afraid xD)

For the name, I dunno. I just liked it, and it was easy to shorten down for a nickname.

Nah, nothing related to Black Rose, just some of my OCs. I have, tons of OCs, so I occasionally write short pieces about them when I get bored. Some aren't even attached to anything(like a story or an RP). They're just, characters xD

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Re: First Blush-A fluffy slash

Postby Glacial » February 23rd, 2012, 2:20:42 am

The way you place your commas makes your writing unique, but I'm afraid that this was a little on the excessive side. But yeah, I can see how the beginning would've been hard.

It's just interesting because people don't tend to pick that as a name for a main character, but I'm all for it. If you happen to have any more backstory written on these two, I'd definitely read it since there wasn't much described in this one c:
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Re: First Blush-A fluffy slash

Postby BBkat » February 23rd, 2012, 2:44:12 am

Ok, made some edits, should be better, I hope.
Yeah, I went through like, several different beginnings because I wasn't sure where to start. I kept typing, then deleting, then typing again.
Oddly the first scene I had planned out in my head was the one where Dorian was holding Beau's face in his hands and telling him it would alright and calming him down when he was in pain.

Yeah, I realized after it was written that I gave little in the way of backstory (or even descriptions of them :t-sweat: ) but I have several other short pieces with them, one of which that does bring up some of their history prior to meeting one another(actually, I'm trying to get it from written notes onto the computer as it is). So I'll try and get that up soon.

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Re: First Blush-A fluffy slash

Postby BBkat » April 4th, 2012, 1:34:49 am

(Hopefully this is still within the limits of posting. If not I'll take it down and simply put it on my dA and provide a link to it)

Part 2

Beauregard looked up at the sound of his name, he was sure he’d just heard someone call it.
“Beauregard, is that you?” It was a woman’s voice and it came from behind the demon. Turning around he found himself face to face with a familiar face.
“Beauregard, it IS you!” she exclaimed happily. “What on earth are you doing here?”
“Me, what are you doing here Nika?” he asked as he embraced her in a tight hug.
“I thought I might get out, explore the world a little. Take a leaf from your book,” she replied.
Beauregard couldn’t help but to laugh, of all the places to see an old friend, he never expected here.
“What about you?”
“Shopping,” he held up the food he’d been picking up.
She laughed, “No you idiot, here as in the town.”
He grinned playfully, “I’ve been living with some people, trying to find some work to earn a bit of money, that sort of thing.”
“I’m glad you’ve been keeping well, that’s always good news but,” she paused and looked up at his head, “I have to ask though what happened to your horn, it’s broken!?”
He gave a nervous laugh, “It’s a bit of a long story. The short version is I’m clumsy and fell,” he shivered slightly at the memory.
Nika shook her head, “Only you would manage to be clumsy enough to do that.”
“Hey, to be fair it was icy. I slipped and lost my footing.”
She laughed, “Anyways, I won’t keep you from your groceries any longer, it was nice seeing you again.”
He smiled and nodded, “You too, take care.” With a wave they parted ways and Beauregard finished purchasing the food.
“What was that all about?” asked Dorian from the rooftop of an empty, neighboring stall.
The young demon yelped in surprise, nearly dropping everything he was holding. “Dorian! What are you doing, sneaking around for? And why are you eavesdropping on my conversations?”
“I asked first. Who was that girl you were talking to just now? You sounded like you knew her.”
“Nika? She’s just an old friend from back home that’s all. I didn’t expect to run into her here. I am allowed to have friends outside of you ya know.” He gave a teasing grin as he spoke, looking up at Dorian, “Now get down here and make yourself useful for once and help me.”

Over the next couple of days, Dorian kept a rather close eye on Beauregard and Nika any time there were together, met or spoke despite Beau’s insistence that there was nothing between them at all. It was as if he was suspicious of the two of them, even though Beau had told him they were just catching up on the past and hearing about what the other had been up to and it was beginning to annoy Beau.

“Why are you so convinced that there’s something going on between the two of us?” asked Beauregard one day, finally fed up with Dorian’s harassment about her. He had seemed almost, paranoid and insecure about what Beau did when he visited Nika and it confused him.
“You keep going out to see her and spending so much time with her,” he said, almost accusingly.
“Yeah, because I haven’t seen her in almost six years and she was my best friend growing up. Of course I want to catch up with her, I don’t know when she’ll be leaving town or when I’ll see her again after that.” The demon shook his head, “There’s nothing more between us if that’s what you’re thinking.”
Dorian still looked unconvinced, “And how do I know you aren’t lying? I know you fancy women as well.”
Beau couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Lying, why would you think that Dorian?” His voice sounded hurt now, the annoyance from earlier all but drained out. “So you, don’t even trust me now, is that it?” he turned away from Dorian, hands at his side tightly. The accusation of lying to him hurt him even more than Dorian’s suspicions that he was cheating on him with Nika. Without so much as another word he made his way to the door and left, slamming it behind him as he went.
Dorian stood staring at the door in utter silence till it finally opened again, though it wasn’t Beau who walked through but Aya.
“What the hell is going on?” she exclaimed. “What did you do to Beauregard? I just saw him and he was upset, almost in tears.” She sounded exasperated and more annoyed than Beau had. “What sort of lover’s quarrel did you two have?”
Dorian gulped, “What do you mean?”
“Oh don’t play dumb with me, I know what the two of you get up to behind closed doors. The others may be to stupid to figure it out but I’m not. Now what the hell happened?”
“It’s none of your business,” he muttered, “So butt out.”
“Do you know how hard it is to live with the two of you when you’re mad at one another?” she asked. While it didn’t happen often, Beau and Dorian did occasionally disagree on things or get into small fights. “Let me tell you it is hard. So go apologize to him.”
“You don’t even know what’s going on,” he growled, narrowing his eyes.
“Then enlighten me.” She folded her arms over her chest in a defiant ‘I’m-not-moving-till-you-tell-me’ manner.
Dorian opened his mouth to speak, but before he could get a word out there was a knock on the door, something which surprised them both.
“Is Dorian here?” asked a woman’s voice as Aya answered the door.
“Yes he is but why-“ Aya stepped aside, half pushed as Nika came inside.
“You!” she snapped when she saw Dorian, “How could you say those things to Beauregard? How could you accuse him of lying?” Her voice was seething with rage and she seemed to be suppressing the urge to raise her hand to slap him, her hands shaking at her sides. “Do you even understand how much you hurt him?”
Dorian gulped, of all the things to happen he had not expected Nika to show up or even act like this since they’d never met before. “But you and Beau,”
“Are nothing more than friends. And it’s been that way for a very long time. Yes were a couple once, but that was a long time ago. It was a mutual split, we just weren’t right for one another in that way and were better as friends.” She shook her head, “I’m sure he told you all this already though.”
“He might have mentioned it once, or twice. But if you aren’t getting back together why’s he been spending so much time with you?”
“Back together? Are you insane? He’s my best friend and I’m only staying in town for a week for I head out again and I don’t know when I may see him again. To be honest I never even expected to see him here.”
Now Dorian was beginning to feel bad, his stomach sinking the more he listened to her speak, “But people, they lie about this sort of thing all the time.”
“Not Beauregard. He’s not that sort of person. Small white lies yes, but he wouldn’t lie about something like this, and he certainly would not two-time someone he cares about.” He opened his mouth to speak but she continued, “He obviously cares about you, he wouldn’t do what you seem to think he did.” By now her voice seemed to have calmed down a bit, though she was still upset.
“H-how can you tell?” he asked.
“Tell what, that he cares about you?” the girl pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, “He wouldn’t stop talking about you the other day. And even just the way he spoke about you, you’re something special to him. I’ve known him almost all his life and I’ve never once seen him this cheerful. You did something I never could, you’ve made him happy.” She grinned and then added one more thing, “Plus, you called him beau, he never let anyone call him Beau not even me.”
A pained look crossed Dorian’s face and he looked at the ground bitterly, “What have I done? Now he’ll never talk to me again, he’ll never look at me.”
“I don’t think that’s true at all. Find him and apologize and you’ll see/”
“I-I don’t know.”
“I do.”

Beauregard tucked his knees up to his chin as he sat under the massive trees, forcing back the pained tears that glittered in his eyes. He couldn’t believe that Dorian had accused him of lying and cheating on him. It hurt him more than his fall of the roof, more than anything that had been done to him.
“I thought I’d find you here Beau,” came Dorian’s voice from behind him.
Beau raised his head and looked over his shoulder at Dorian before turning away from him again.
“Beau, please here me out.” He knelt down beside the young demon as he spoke, “I was wrong to jump to conclusions like that. I just, I didn’t want to lose you. My father’s cheating drove my family apart and it started just like this, him pretending he was just meeting a ‘friend’. I didn’t want it happen with you, I didn’t want it to happen again.” He placed one hand lightly on Beau’s as he spoke, “I’m sorry.”
Beau turned to face him, he hadn’t known about this, or why Dorian had been as insecure as he was. Dorian had always seemed so headstrong and confident so to see him fearful and insecure was strange to him. He twisted his fingers around Dorian’s hand gently “I never knew, why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, “You could have told me.”
“I never thought it was important to mention.”
Beau smiled and brought his other hand up, brushing tears from Dorian’s cheeks, “Dorian, I would never do that to you. You mean so much to me,” he leaned his forehead on Dorian’s as he spoke, “You’re not just ‘a friend’ you know.” He closed the small gap between them as he pressed his lips gently to Dorian’s. Tears dried in the half demon’s eyes as Beau kissed him, his touch tender and gentle.
“I’m sort too,” said Beau as their lips parted, “I shouldn’t have ignored you the way I did. Can you forgive me for that?”
“Of course I can Beau,” murmured Dorian, “So long as you forgive me for being so stupid.”
Beau smiled, “Of course I forgive you.”
The half demon let out a relieved sigh, “I thought for sure you’d never want to speak to me again after what I said.”
“And torture myself like that? Yeah right,” said Beau trying not to laugh. “Is there some way I can make it up to you?”
Dorian cracked a wry, teasing smile, “Give me tonight to be with you, just the two of us.”
Beau looped his arms around the back of Dorian’s neck, “I think I can manage that,” he said before planting a kiss on the half demon’s mouth.
Dorian pulled him close, hands resting on first on his shoulders before gliding down his back to his waist. One hand came to rest in the middle of his back while the other came to his thigh.
Beau sighed softly as he gripped Dorian’s shoulders in reaction to the deepening kiss, Dorian’s lips teasing Beaus apart. His face flushed as he gave into the new sensation, heart thudding in his chest. He was so lost in the moment that he didn’t even notice as he melted into the grass, pinned beneath Dorian. That or he just didn’t care.
He looked up at Dorian as their lips drew apart gently. He noticed that Dorian’s breathing was heavier than before, his as well.
“You’ve, never kissed me like that before,” said Beau, sweeping his fingers through Dorian’s hair.
“I know I wanted to try something, different. Besides, you seemed to enjoy it.”
Beau felt his cheeks flush and Dorian chuckled. “You could have warned me though.”
Dorian brushed a finger against Beau’s cheek, “Where’s the fun in that? You always seem more, eager when I surprise you with something new. After all, I didn’t give you any warning the first time I kissed you, and look where that got us.” He curled his hands around Beau’s and pulled him into a sitting position, “We should be getting back, before they send a search party after us.”
“You think they’d do that?”
“You want to risk it?”

Aya gave them a scolding about fighting when they got back and told them to try and keep the lovers spats to a minimum. Once it was clear they understood she headed off to bed and left them to their own devices.
“You know, the night’s not over yet,” said Beau.
“I know,” said Dorian, nuzzling Beau as he wrapped his arms around his middle. Beau rested his hands on Dorian’s, twisting around slightly to look at him.
There was gentleness to his touch as he brushed a strand of hair from Beau’s face. “Come on, it’s getting late.”

Dorian surprised Beau by being in an affectionate mood as the half demon had thought he had something entirely different on his mind.
Dorian’s fingers twisted through Beau’s dark hair as they embraced, Dorian lying on his back with Beau stretched across his chest and stomach. It always surprised him how light Beau was considering how easily he’d seen him take down men larger than he in a fight.
He was only a couple inches shorted than Dorian and a few years younger-a fact that had surprised the two, but not deterred them from being together. Dorian certainly didn’t care, he’d been attracted to Beau from the moment they met and it had surprised him when Beau, not only noticed but seemed to accept his advances. He’d worried he might scare him off, but the opposite happened and they grew closer.
He looked at Beau and smiled, the half demon having drifted off to sleep rather peacefully in his arms. Having seen many a failed relationship, his parents’ included, he’d decided he never allow himself to form that sort of bond with anyone. But now he wasn’t sure, not now that he had Beau. He’d grown close to him and if he just up and left it would be as if he was just toying with his emotions, stringing him along. It would hurt him and if there was one thing Dorian didn’t want to do was hurt Beau, not like that. He couldn’t do that to him.
He shifted his position, Beau still in his arms and sighed as he looked at him. “I wonder if you even know what you’ve done to me?” he murmured.

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Re: First Blush-A fluffy slash

Postby BBkat » April 18th, 2012, 1:20:56 pm

Originally this was the only other piece I wrote, then I decided I wanted to write more with them and wrote part 2 and the final piece to this making it a short, 4 parter. It's also, surprisingly short. :sweat:

Part Three
aka, 'Fractured Truths'

Dorian looked at the sleeping demon and smiled weakly as he leaned over and kissed the side of his head and gently drew the covers over him.
"You're a good person Beau, I'm so sorry about this." He stroked his face, gently pushing aside strands of hair that lay over his face. Silently he made his way to the door and slipped out of the room making not a sound.

"Hey, have you seen Dorian around?" Aya's voice split the silence, jerking Beauregard awake.
"Get outta my room," groaned the sleeping demon, rolling over. "And why would I know where he is?"
"Aside from the fact that you two are practically joined at the hip? Gee, no idea. I just figured you might have an idea." She shrugged her shoulders and left the room without another word.
Beau rubbed his head with his hand as he sat up, "And knock next time!" he snapped. He frowned as he looked around, it was a valid question though as Dorian had been with him the night before and should have still been there. The covers had been neatened and it looked as if he hadn't even been there.

Dorian's lips caressed his throat as the demon groaned slightly, his chest heaving with each breath. The half demon's hands ran along his body as they embraced, his fingers running over the curves and dips in his form. Beau twisted around in Dorian's arms and brought his lips to his, cupping the half demon's face in his hands.
"I hope nothing ever happens to you Beau," he breathed.
"Nothing is going to happen to me," chuckled Beauregard, "And nothing will happen to you either."
"But those people are still hunting me, and if they catch me I'm afraid of what they'll do."
Beauregard sighed and sat up, holding the half demon's face in his hands, "Dorian you worry to much. Nothing will happen to you and you won't be caught. They'll find the real culprit and they'll forget all about you. Just trust me."
The half demon was being accused of the murder of a local shopkeeper, and even though he had not done it everyone was convinced otherwise.
"You're just being paranoid Dorian, and you're no fun when you're that way."

"So he's not in his room then?" asked Beau, looking around the main room.
Aya shook her head, "Nope, not there. I thought you might know seeing how close you two are. But if you don't know where he is, then I really don't know."
Beauregard bit his lip as he looked around; this was not like Dorian at all, to wander off yes, to not tell anyone where he was going no.
"I'll see if I can find him, or figure out where he went," he said.
The first place he checked was Dorian's room, but as he had suspected it was untouched as it had been the night before. Considering he hadn't spent the night in his own bed, it didn't surprise Beauregard at all.

Beauregard leaned back in the chair; book in one hand and feet resting on the table as he read the book. Dorian peered over his shoulder, almost curiously and looked at the book, then at Beauregard and frowned.
"Is that book more interesting than me?" he asked.
"It is for the moment, yes," replied Beauregard, not even looking up from the book.
The half demon scowled, his forearm leaning on the table. "How is that dusty old book more interesting than me, me?"
"Well for one it's isn't depressed like you are, nor is it paranoid. I told you, you're boring and no fun like that."
The half demon looked taken back at that comment, the tip of an ear flicking. Then he reached over and grabbed the book, yanking it right out of Beauregard's hands. "Now what are you going to do?" he asked, almost playfully.
"I was reading that you thief." Beauregard stood up, hands on the table, "Now give that back."
Beauregard chased Dorian around the table, trying to get the book from him. Then, Dorian tripped on a small footstool, having turned to face Beauregard. Beau, unable to stop, ran into him and fell as well. They hit the floor with a crash, Beau on top of Dorian.
"Got it!" Beauregard grabbed the book from Dorian's hand, keeping the half demon pinned so he couldn't move. "What do you have to say for yourself?"
"Nothing," Dorian smirked.
Beau went to speak but was stopped short when the half demon pushed himself up a bit and kissed him. "You sneaky little…" Beau just shook his head, and Dorian grinned a cat-like grin.
"Oh, you know you liked that."

Beauregard stared at the book in his hands and frowned, why had Dorian had his book in his room? He hated reading, especially when it meant Beau wasn't paying enough attention to him.
The book had been sitting on his night table, as if it belonged there. "Huh, that's beyond odd." He shook his head and left the room.
"So, did you find anything?" asked Aya.
"No, but he's stealing my stuff now," he held the book up, "Lord only knows why he wants my book." Tucking it under one arm he made his way back to his room. There was definitely something odd about him taking the book. As he went to put it down he saw something sticking out of the book from between the pages.
There was a thud as something hit the bedroom floor and Beauregard came tearing out of his room, head bowed. He made a beeline for the front door which slammed behind him.
"Whoa, Beauregard what's going on? Did you find something about Dorian?" Aya stood up and followed after him, pulling the door open. "Beauregard?" She frowned as she looked up and down the street; Beau was nowhere to be seen.

"And you're sure no one comes out here?" asked Beau,
Dorian smiled kindly, "More than sure. I come out here all the time to think, never been bothered once."
"There's always a first time for everything," Beau sighed.
They found themselves seated beneath a large tree on the outskirts of town, Beau's head resting in Dorian's lap, the half demon running his fingers through Beau's hair.
"You're never going to just, leave one day are you?" asked Dorian rather suddenly.
Beau opened an eye and looked up at him, "What on earth gave you that idea? Of course not." He cracked a lopsided smile, "I don't plan on just up and leaving you. And I hope you aren't planning on leaving me like that either."
Dorian chuckled, "No, no I'm not planning on that. You're, special to me."
Beau pulled himself into a sitting position and turned to face Dorian. In a swift movement he stole a kiss from the half demon, touching his cheek with one hand. "You're special to me too Dorian. So don't ever leave."
"Like I said, I don't plan on it."

Beau's fist slammed into the tree trunk as he slid to his knees, tears rolling down his face and a piece of paper clutched tight in his other hand. "You lying bastard! You promised me you wouldn't leave, you promised me." His shoulders shuddered as he wept, how could Dorian do this?
When he'd opened the book to look at what was stuffed in it he'd found a folded up piece of paper, a letter. It was from Dorian and by the looks of it, for him only.

By the time you read this I'll already be gone. I'm sorry, but I can't do this any longer, I can't keep hiding, not like this. They'd find me eventually; heck they might even find the rest of you if I stay there. And I don't want that, I know what they'd do to all of you, I know what they'd do to you Beau. They've been after me and mine for our petty crimes for a while, I know they'd love to get their hands on you, all of you, and I can't risk that. I can't risk you.
But I'm not going to let myself be put in prison for something I didn't do either. This is, the only way to keep you safe. They can't arrest me if I'm not alive.

I'm sorry Beau, I truly am. I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me one day; maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even in a month, but someday.
And Beau, one last thing, I know I hesitated last night but, I do love you. And I am forever glad I was able to meet you.

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Re: First Blush-A fluffy slash

Postby PossessedFae » April 18th, 2012, 10:36:23 pm

So adorable. :well:

And very sad. ;n; No Dorian nooooo

I can't wait for the fourth part, lol.
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