The first gardian

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The first gardian

Postby water4memo » January 11th, 2012, 10:33:29 am

It's my first time writing up here-
please tip me if you find anything strange about it.


I had a wild dream.
I was in a canoe.I knew I was in the middle of the stream,but the water around me was absoultly still.
There was no oar in my hands.There was not even a single breeze to push the boat.
I was sitting in the boat helplessly for a while,not even dareing to make any attempt to escape.I wasn't sure if I could swim-and even if I did,this water around me was somehow weird.

Everything was bright,although had no idea why.I felt pillow under my head and a blanket on me.Sunlight around me felt so soft and warm,I  could've stayed there for forever.Except that I didn't.I assumedidn that it was morning...but then I didn'then remember what was the morning like."What a strange situation!"I murmured.My memory about morning seemed to be gone,even though I knew it was late morning.Slowly opening my eyes,I realized that I didn'that know where I was.Although it was delayed by my sleepyness,I started to panic.I looked around wildly.There was an egg right next to me.

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Re: The first gardian

Postby water4memo » January 12th, 2012, 11:19:30 am

I looked at the purple egg.
There was something weird about this egg.I touched it gently on the top,and shrank back right away because of it's coldness.
The shell was icy cold.I could barely think that this thing could be alive yet.
I held it up with shaking hand.I couldn't feel any movement in there.
Slowly I putted it down at where it had been-
-and that was when somebody kicked open the door.
Even before I could see who it was,a greenish animal jumped up to me.

I was still in bed,but it didn't seem to care whether if I'm ready to play with it or not as it pounced toward me.
It dissapeared as a strange mist around it covered the animal's body.
I looked around,and suddenly found it staring at me playfully on my lap.
As it was waiting for my hand to pet its head,I reached put and rubbed its soft pelt.

"That's it.Why do I have to take care of your mist stalker while I'm busy enough to look after my own buddy?"
I heard the voice coming from behind the small jungle cat.
I stretched out my arms and held the friendly animal in front of me,and stared at whoever talked to me.
There was a boy next to the wide-open door.Dispite how playful my 'mist stalker' was being,he was frowning at me.

"What is it?"
I asked.
"Never thought I'd ever see you hugging anything."
He said.
Confused,I stared back at him trying to remember who he is and what everthing around me is.
I'd love to have this purring big cat as my pet or companion,but how could that be possible while I do not even know what this is?
I tryed to look for an answer inside my head,but eventually I failed.
"I'm sorry.Do I know you?"
I finally asked.For some reason,he made a face at me.

"Are you playing jokes with me?If it is,it's not funny."
He said.The cub in my arms held its head up.
Maybe it realized that I wasn't it's owner.
"I am not."I told him firmly."I do not remember anything around me.Maybe you have mistook me with somebody else."
The boy frowned again.
"Your outlook is similar to what I saw yesterday all right,but surly the way you act is so not you."He murmured.
He layed his eyes toward the cub.
"I'll be really mad at you if you were just playing with me,no matter how atrocious you were before...but as a partner of a quest,I'll get a help that I can get."He told me.
He turned around.Gazing toward hallway,he opened his mouth.
"Your mist stalker's name was Misty pond hidden in the mountain...but you used to call her Pond."He informed me.
"Why not Misty?"I asked.It seemed stupid to ask someone else when I was the one who called my mist stalker Pond,but then I couldn't remember a thing anyway.
"Because the name Misty was too common."He told me.Before I could ask anything else,he rushed away to somewhere I couldn't even guess.

"Pond,Huh?"I mumbled,brushing Pond's fur with my fingers.
It laid it's head on my bare arm.
I realized that was wearing a white T-shirt and short pants.The boy said something about quest.If I was supposed to go to anywhere,I should dress up more properly.
I stood up,still holding Pond in my arms.The big young kittycat raised it's head.
"Don't pounce on anything breakable,okay?"
I told her,but I could tell for sure if she agreed or not,because pond simply blinked.
I had to get dressed up anyway,so I placed her down to the floor and opened the doornob of my dressing room.
There was a bunch of warm cloths inside,so I just wear some sweaters over my shirt.
My mist stalker ran to the hallway even I could stop her,so I letted her be.

After I was done dressing up,I set on my bed.I stared at the hallway wondering why was the boy kept being mean to me.
Assuming from what he said,I must have had awful personallity.I wondered how bad I was.
He told me that he'd never expected me to hug anything.That would mean that I've never held Pond in my arms before.I wondered how I could have not showed love to that sweet creature.
I didn't hear any footsteps,but when I turned my face toward the doorside because of short cry,I found Pond sitting on the floor with a half-cooked chicken leg in front of her front paws.
I had to chuckle when I saw her sweet look on her own face.
"Help yourself with it,mighty hunter."
I told her gently.Pleased,the young mist stalker bit into the juicy meat just when the boy came back.
He wasn't coming alone.I saw eldery man following him from behind.The man,who was only as tall as the boy he was following,had the small round glasses on his nose,and was wearing robes.He wasn't wearing a big pointy hat,though.His hair was fading blond-it was almost white.
I stood up to be polite.As two people walked in,my jungle cat jumped up to my bed.She came near me,so I laid my hand on her.
"I've heard you have lost your memory?"
He asked me.
"It seems to be so,sir."
I told him,and found the man scowling at me.
'Why was he scowling?'I wondered.'I never thought that I had done anything bad to him just before.'
He looked at the boy who was still standingg next to him.
"Needless to say,there is something wroung with her.She'd NEVER say the word 'sir' if she was really herself."
He decided.Well,that hurt.From the way he acted and how he was dressed,he would be a professer.Did I mock him before as well?

For comfort,I slid my hand through Pond's fur.
"And that,too.This is just abnormal!"The man cried.
I didn't say a thing,because I did not feel happy.Surtainly not.
"What should be done with the quest,sir?"The boy asked with trembling voice.It was probably rage or worry that made his voice shook.I guessed that it would more likly rage.He didn't seem to like me anyway.
"Eh-hm."The professer cleared his throat."It has to be done anyway.We can't afford to get a new team to do this.That would take too much time!"
"Well...okay."The boy said.
After the man with the tiny glasses left,I looked at the boy expectedly.
"So."He said with a sigh.He continewed after a pause.
"I am Carl Lights,and you are Marie Dare."
He spat some curses about introducing me to myseld sounding stupid.
"I was really upset when I was told to go with you,but not anymore."He told me.I winced.
"How was I like?"I asked.
"Jerky,and that's just all I can tell."Carl said.He looked at me after that."Does it hurt you when I say stuffs to you?"He asked.
"A little?"I suggested.Carl rolled his eyes,but there was light smile on his lips.
"There's new girl."He murmured.He turned to the back and whistled.As he did,a young gryphon flew toward him.

"Here's my B."He said."B.,new Marie.New Marie,B."
I looked at the half bird as it crocked it's head.
"He's curious about you being suddenly nice."Carl told me.He kneeled on the floor,and reached under my bed.
"I saw you placing your luggage here...ah.Found it."He said pleasantly as he pulled put black bag.He tossed it toward me.I caught it.
"I'll get my bags,so wait here."Carl ordered.I could hear him mumbleing as he walked away;"She might be a different person!If I ordered to the old Marie,she'd kick my hide!"
I had nothing to do until he came back,so I petted my Pond after she finished her meal.
Carl came back soon.
"Ready to go?"He asked.I nodded,even though I was far from being ready.
I held Pond in my arms.Carl stared at me.
"You don't want to hold her unless you'd like to spoil her."He said.I laid Pond down right away.
"Sorry."I said.
"You don't need to."Carl said,walking to the hallway.This time,I followed him.
I thanked pond for still loving me although I was being cranky.
I took a deep breath,and stepped into the world I do not know.

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