Right Choice [Warriors]

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Right Choice [Warriors]

Postby ghostyghost » July 10th, 2019, 2:56:00 am

Also might include other small fics if I write more. Not a huge Warriors fan but occasionally get the random urge to create something Warriors, so may as well. Accurate? Nah, probably not. but try to enjoy anyway I guess.

He hadn’t meant for any of this to happen. Really, he hadn’t, but the way she looked at him, he just couldn’t resist. Every time he’d find the herb she had looked for, he felt a tinge of pride, but more importantly he felt, for once, that maybe she could feel the same way for him as he’s always felt for her.

“She died, Sagewhisker. Infection.”

How did it all come to this? He lowers his nose to his littermate’s pelt and resists the urge to wail in a mixture of sorrow and guilt. As he raises, his eyes catch the shimmering blue eyes of Dawnfur; she turns away silently and heads back into her den. At the same time, a cloud passes by and covers the rising stars from his view, but it passes quickly.

“Dawnfur couldn’t find any herbs in time.”

Because there are no other herbs, he bitterly thinks as the stars bathe him in their wrathful light. Tail wrapped around his paws, he numbly stares down at the ground now covering his sister. All for what? The affection of a medicine cat, something he can never have.

“You were nowhere to be found.”

Accusation blazes in some of his clanmate’s eyes. Some whisper that Dawnfur tried to kill Roseleap out of jealousy for living the life she wanted; others gossip that he had disappeared to romance a cat from another clan. They’re all wrong.

“She wanted to say that she knows you’ll make the right choice.”

He paces the small hollow restlessly, tail tip twitching and ears pricked for the soft sounds of paws upon the leaves. Sometimes, he pauses and stares into the darkness where he swears he can see the outline of his sister’s sleek form in the shadows.

“Don’t blame yourself, Sagewhisker. It’s the price of being a warrior.”

Finally, Dawnfur gracefully pushes her way into the hollow, and he flattens himself against the wall. His dark pelt blends into the shadows; as much as he wants to confront her, he simply can’t. Instead, he watches while she finds the herbs and feels a small part of his soul die at her disappointed mutterings.

“She’s with Starclan now, and she will look down upon the rest of your life with pride.”

The next time he sees his clan, he’s watching the Gathering from the shadows. Poppystar, his former leader, steps up and informs the other clans of the loss of two warriors; with a sense of bewilderment, he notices that she doesn’t inform the others of his treason. His eyes catch Dawnfur’s eyes for the final time; she gives him a small nod as he melts into the shadows.

“When the wind blows, it is her presence, there to reassure and guide you as all our ancestors do. She shines in the stars above, and in your heart, Sagewhisker.”

Sagewhisker, the foolish cat that fell in love with a medicine cat and killed his sister, perches atop a cliff. Below, he can see the forest where he and his sister used to hunt, the same forest that held no salvation in her time of need because of him. As he takes a step forward, the ground beneath him crumbles; the wind ruffles his fur on the way down.

“I promise, Sagewhisker. I’ll always be here for you, brother, in all your stupid decisions.”

When he opens his eyes again, he stands between two lands. One, a thriving green forest with a shimmering, familiar figure staring expectantly at him, and the other, a black, dead forest with the faint outline of a cat watching him. He glances at the Starclan warrior, and as he stares into his littermate’s green eyes, he comes to a decision. Turning, he stalks away from the figure and into the dark forest; Starclan has no place for a murderer like him.
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